Doodle Do (partially lost CBeebies series; 2006-2010)

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Dib-Dab, Stick and Scribble, the show's main characters.

Status: Partially Lost

Doodle Do is a British pre-school series which aired on Cbeebies from 2006 to 2010.

The Show

Each episode features Chris Corcoran (a Welsh comedian and radio broadcaster playing himself) teaching Dib-Dab, Stick and Scribble (three puppets made out of knitted gloves) how to make various arts and crafts. The show was aimed at young children and most of the crafts were designed to be as cheap and easy as possible, usually using materials which the average household would have lying around.

Recurring sections included the sandworms (two worms who lived in a pirate's chest and used their trails to draw pictures in the sand) and sections featuring real-life children trying this week's craft. The show was also known for commonly featuring original songs, most of which were performed at the end of their respective episodes.


At least 46 episodes of Doodle Do were made, the details of which are still available on the BBC's website.[1]

On July 2020, YouTube channel "Media Recoverer" uploaded the episode "Jelly Fish", the first to be publicly uncovered. Between November 2020 and February 2021, they went on to upload the episodes "Blowing Pictures", "Paint 'n' Peel Pictures", "Dipping Pictures", "Winter Special", "Beach Picture", "Gravity Dribble Picture", "Colour Snap Cards", "Salt Water Dough", "Spiders Web", "Streamer Flag", "Treasure Box" and "Paper Plate Kite".

During December 2020, the YouTube channel "90s Kids TV Fan" announced in the comments of Media Recoverer's videos that they had multiple episodes of Doodle Do on a VHS tape and would upload them as well. They uploaded eight full episodes ("Circle Painting", "Tissue Paper Stained Glass", "Spray and Splatter", "Handprint Fish", "Envelope Puppets", "Rainstick", "Foil Sculptures" and "Finger Painting Prints"), as well as part of the episode "Cup and Ball Game" and another copy of "Jelly Fish".

In 2021, the YouTube channel "VHS dump" uploaded the episode "Animals Out of Pebbles". According to a comment made by them on their video, they claim to have copies of every episode of Doodle Do, though it is unknown if they have plans to upload them.

In June 2021, "Tiny Pop Sun - Media Finder and Publisher" uploaded 4 full episodes, as well as their own copy of "Cup and Ball Game". They also uploaded another copy of "Animals Out of Pebbles" in August.

In December 2021, an account called "Children's BBC Programming" uploaded many of the remaining episodes of Doodle Do to Several YouTube accounts have since uploaded mirrors of Children's BBC Programming's episodes.

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
01 Box Snake Found
02 Handprint Fish Found
03 Envelope Puppets Found
04 Blowing Pictures Found
05 Paper Plate Kite Found
06 Gravity Dribble Picture Found
07 Headband Decoration Partially Found
08 Wool Collage Found
09 Colour Snap Cards Found
10 Box Building Blocks Lost
11 Bottle Faces Found
12 Treasure Box Found
13 Rainstick Found
14 Foil Sculptures Found
15 Finger Painting Prints Found
16 Bird Feeder Found
17 Jelly Fish Found
18 Funny Wig Found
19 Nature Collage Found
20 Ice Cube Drawing Found
21 Wheelie Pictures Found
22 Textured Collage Found
23 Paper Plate Crowns Found
24 Ball Biscuit Tin Found
25 Box Vehicles Found
26 Bubble Print Picture Frame Found
27 Animals Out of Pebbles Found
28 Paint 'n' Peel Pictures Found
29 Circle Painting Found
30 Parrots on a Perch Found
31 Tissue Paper Stained Glass Found
32 Chalk Smudge Pictures Found
33 Paper Plate Masks Found
34 Cup Cake Flowers Lost
35 Streamer Flag Found
36 Cup and Ball Game Found
37 Dipping Pictures Found
38 Tissue Paper Watercolour Found
39 Winter Special Found
40 Tissue Box Clown Shoes Found
41 Egg Box Animals Lost
42 Spray and Splatter Found
43 Handwipe Butterflies Lost
44 Beach Picture Found
45 Salt Water Dough Found
46 Spiders Web Found

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