Space Pirates (found CBeebies live-action animated series; 2007-2008)

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Space Pirates.jpg

Poster for the series.

Status: Found

Date found: May 2015

Found by: Nathan

Space Pirates was a British children's television series directed by Bridget Caldwell that originally aired on CBeebies, a channel for preschoolers.[1] It featured Luke Toulson as "Captain DJ" and Dominic Byrne, Radio 1's newsreader, as an alien news/weather/travel reporter named Zorst. It featured a mixture of live-action and CG animation and was set aboard a spaceship orbiting the Earth.


The plot of the show generally revolved around Captain DJ travelling space to find music for his radio channel, Guisto Radio. Along the way, two kids named Honk and Tonk would try to sell him useless junk for money or food.


30 episodes were produced and aired from November 3rd, 2007, to March 22nd, 2008. The show was never released on home media and is unlikely to ever be due to the rights issues inherent in licensing the 90+ songs which appear in the programs.

In May 2015, all 30 episodes were uploaded by Lost Media Wiki contributor "Nathan" to MEGA. The MEGA link has since expired, meaning the files could no longer be downloaded.

In 2019, four episodes of the program were uploaded to YouTube by Warrick Brownlow-Pike, one of the show's assistant puppeteers. In 2020, the YouTube channel Media Recover uploaded a further seventeen. After Media Recoverer's uploads, a range of other channels started uploading episodes themselves, including RA2008 and MediaHallyway.

Copies of the episodes which currently exist tend to vary between standard episodes of the series and signed episodes of the series which feature someone doing sign language of the dialogue in the corner of the screen (a common practice for BBC shows). Nevertheless, as of October 2021, a full version of every episode of the series is now available on YouTube.

# Episode Title Status
01 Music to Drum Along To Found
02 Music for Playtime Found
03 Music to Paint To Found
04 Music That Makes Me Laugh Found
05 Music to Listen to on a Journey Found
06 Music for a Trip to Space Found
07 Music that Makes Me Feel Special Found
08 Music to Listen to on Holiday Found
09 Music to Dress Up to Found
10 Music for When We Feel Bored Found
11 Music for the Countryside Found
12 Music to Surprise Me Found
13 Music to Listen to with my Family Found
14 Music Not to Sing to Found
15 Music to Cheer Me Up to Found
16 Music to Explore With Found
17 Music to Party To Found
18 Music to Listen to with a Group of People Found
19 Music to Jump Around to Found
20 Music to Go to Sleep to Found
21 Music to Dance to Found
22 Music to Warm Me Up Found
23 Music to Count to Found
24 Music to Spin Around to Found
25 Music to Sing to Found
26 Music to Splash Around to Found
27 Music to Relax to Found
28 Music for a Sunny Day Found
29 Music to Tidy my Room with Found
30 Music that Makes Me Want to Shout Found

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