Big & Small (partially lost CBeebies comedy puppet series; 2008-2011)

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Big and small title.jpeg

Title card.

Status: Partially Lost (British dub) Partially Found (Canadian dub)

Big & Small is a children's puppet comedy TV series co-produced by 3Js Productions and Kindle Entertainment in association with the BBC, Canada's TreehouseTV, and Belgium's Studio 100. It aired simultaneously on Treehouse and the UK's CBeebies from 2008-2011, for a total of 78 episodes over three series.[1] The TreehouseTV version was voiced by puppeteers/writer-directors Todd Doldersum, Jason Hopley and Jamie Shannon; the British dub featured veteran comedian Lenny Henry voicing both Big and Small, with Imelda Staunton and later Tamsin Heatley in supporting roles.


Big & Small was created to help teach children about the ups and downs of friendship and accordingly stars two polar opposite pals: a big, soft-spoken and endlessly patient purple bearlike creature named Big and his newfound roommate, a small, loud and hyperactive orange rabbitlike creature named Small. The two share Big's country cottage with Ruby, a pink scooter-riding mouse who lives in a hole in the kitchen wall, and a more ladylike green worm named Twiba (short for "The Worm in Big's Apple") who lives in the nearby apple tree and is very proud indeed of her blonde curls. A pair of bullfrogs in hats hang out at the pond below Big's garden and occasionally offer a croak or two.

Creativity is another running theme and frequent plot driver; Big is an enthusiastic amateur inventor and musician, Ruby is a visual artist and Small's wild imagination is never exhausted. The ten-minute episodes - which each include a standalone song segment that reinforces the plot - revolve around sitcom-style clashes, conflicts and finally compromises inherent in these characters' very different personalities.

Stage Performance

A live stage performance titled Big & Small: Happy Together! ran for 3 shows at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts in Ontario, Canada on October 13th, 2011, at 10 am, 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm respectively. The only current evidence of any of these performances is a minute-long clip uploaded to YouTube and two pictures of the characters taken by audience members.


DVD Releases

After the show ceased airing it fell into relative obscurity, with only 3 official DVD releases localized to each country. In the UK these were handled by ITV.[2]

We're Big & Small! - contains the episodes "Something is Missing," "A Door For Small," "Fish Wish," "A Space For Small," "A Piece of Cake," "The Worm in Big's Apple," "The Case of the Missing Dinosaur" and "Stormy Weather."

Starry Starry Night - containing "Playing By The Rules," "A Sound Idea," "Rain Dance," "My Friend Fang," "Starry Starry Night," "Bad Luck Machine," "The Big Sneeze" and "The Mysterious Woods."

The Biggest Story - containing "The Biggest Story," "Small, Small Let Down Your Hair," "Boingo Boys," "The Rainbow," "The Scare-Small" and "The Box."

There was also a compilation DVD titled The CBeebies Collection Vol. 1 that contained the episode "Moon Race."

Online Uploads

Over the years many episodes of Big & Small have been uploaded online, some by the official YouTube channel and others to various private YT and accounts. At the moment, however, the Canadian/TreehouseTV original is much harder to find online.

The show seems to be more fondly remembered in the UK, inasmuch as that version's online footprint is much larger. The vast majority of the UK episodes are currently uploaded to the official Big & Small channel, with a couple still missing, and several more incomplete; some, like "Opposite Day," only consist of the song segment.

Episode List

As noted the British dub is the only one currently to have many full episodes uploaded online; the Canadian dub exists largely as random clips. Episode titles and content were nearly identical between the two - which leads to some interesting anachronisms in several UK episodes, including wildlife and weather patterns not typical in that country. The dialogue was localized where differences in word choice would be obvious.

Series 1

# Episode Title UK Status CAN Status
1 Something is Missing Found Found
2 A Door For Small Found Partially Lost
3 Fish Wish Found Partially Lost
4 There's A Space For Small Found Partially Found
5 A Piece of Cake Found Lost
6 The Worm In Big's Apple Found Lost
7 The Case Of The Missing Dinosaur Found Found
8 Stormy Weather Found Lost
9 Playing By The Rules Found Partially Found
10 A Sound Idea Found Partially Found
11 Rain Dance Found Partially Found
12 My Friend Fang Found Partially Found
13 Starry Starry Night Found Partially Found
14 Bad Luck Machine Found Lost
15 The Big Sneeze Found Partially Found
16 The Mysterious Woods Found Partially Found
17 Surprise, Surprise Found Partially Found
18 The Sleepy Toy Thingy Found Partially Found
19 Smashing Tomatoes Found Lost
20 Picture Perfect Found Lost
21 Twiba's Treasure Hunt Found Lost
22 The Case Of The Clogs Found Lost
23 Twiba Takes Flight Found Lost
24 Cabin Fever Found Lost
25 Five Minute Sled Found Lost
26 The Gwelf In The Garden Found Lost

Series 2

# Episode Title UK Status CAN Status
27 Tall Small Found Lost
28 I Spy A Firefly Found Partially Lost
29 Say Cheese Found Partially Found
30 Celery Day Found Partially Found
31 The Singing Gwelf Found Lost
32 The Road Not Taken Found Lost
33 Party Time Found Lost
34 Dream Team Partially Lost Lost
35 I See, You Saw Partially Lost Lost
36 The Big Race Found Lost
37 Abracadabra Found Lost
38 Frog Fight Found Lost
39 The Broken Scooter Found Lost
40 Blame It On The Drain Found Lost
41 Small's Branch Found Lost
42 Play Date Found Lost
43 The Case Of The Missing Kohlrabi Found Lost
44 Promises, Promises Found Lost
45 Spring Fling Partially Lost Lost
46 Never Say No Found Lost
47 The Book Of Big Found Lost
48 A Quiet Day Found Partially Found
49 The Missing Biscuit (Cookie) Found Partially Found
50 Thar She Buzzes Found Partially Found
51 The Not So Happy Camper Found Found
52 Big & Small Day Found Lost

Series 3

# Episode Title UK Status CAN Status
53 Small, Small Let Down Your Hair Found Found
54 Boingo Boys Found Found
55 The Rainbow Found Lost
56 The Scare-Small Found Lost
57 The Box Found Lost
58 The Missing Answer Found Lost
59 Millions Of Vegetable Soup Found Lost
60 Hot And Bothered Found Lost
61 A Room Of Small's Own Found Lost
62 Catch A Fallen Star Found Lost
63 Thanks For The Memories Found Lost
64 Opposite Day Partially Found Lost
65 Fishing For Elephants Partially Found Lost
66 The Hiccups Partially Lost Lost
67 Friends In A Fog Partially Lost Lost
68 The Biggest Story Found Lost
69 A Room With A View Partially Lost Lost
70 Just What I Wanted Found Lost
71 Slippery Slide Partially Found Lost
72 A Letter From Furthermost Partially Lost Lost
73 Balloonatics Partially Found Lost
74 An Evening of Delights Found Found
75 The Egg Found Lost
76 Gone Fishin' Partially Found Lost
77 Hoopalong Small Partially Lost Lost
78 Moon Race Found Lost

Stage Performance

# Play Title Status
1 Big & Small: Happy Together Partially Found




The British dub's Big & Small opening theme, featuring Lenny Henry.

The Canadian/TreehouseTV Big & Small opening theme, with Todd Doldersum and Jason Hopley.

Clips from the first few episodes of the TreehouseTV original.

Footage of another early version of Big.


An interview with puppeteer Jamie Shannon that mentions the various test footage made for the show. (The same creative team that also developed the Nickelodeon series Mr. Meaty.)

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