Zingalong (partially found CBeebies series; 2002-2004)

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Zingalong titlecard.jpeg

Zingalong title card.

Status: Partially Found

Zingalong was a little known programme that aired on the BBC's CBeebies from 2002 to December 2004. The show revolves Zing, a machine from outer space, visiting a nursery to collect new sounds and explore noise with the help of Zoe, played by Marie-Claire McManus.[1]


It is unknown how this series went missing, as since the wiping phase the BBC has worked hard to keep every part of their archive intact. It would've most likely simply fell into obscurity and went missing from there.

The show was not put on any home media nor has it been officially released online. However, a few episodes of the show can be found online.

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
1 Park - Slide Found
2 Seaside - Sandcastles Lost
3 Street - Cars Lost
4 Shopping - Café Partially Found
5 Shopping - Escalator Lost
5 Seaside - Ferry Lost
6 Seaside - Harbour Lost
7 Seaside - Walking Lost
8 Shopping - Wheels Lost
9 Farm - Cows Lost
10 Street - Square Partially Found
11 Street - People Lost
12 Seaside - Games Lost
13 Shopping - Feet Lost
14 Farm - Tractor Lost
15 Seaside - Kites Lost
16 Seaside - Beachcomber Lost
17 Farm - Goats Lost
18 Farm - Pigs Found
19 Seaside - Fun Lost
20 Seaside - The Sea Lost
21 City - Bus Found
22 Park - Flying Fox Partially Found
? Farm - Rabbits Found
? Street - Roadworks Found

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