Rubbadubbers (lost unaired pilots of CBeebies stop-motion animated series; existence unconfirmed; late 1990s-early 2000s)

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Rubbadubbers title.png

The final show's title card.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Rubbadubbers is a British children's stop-motion animated series developed by Hit Entertainment that originally ran on CBeebies from 2002-2005. The series revolves around a bath toy named Tubb the Frog that comes to life when his owners aren't around along with his friends Sploshy the Starfish, Finbar the Mighty Shark, Terence the Bubble-Bath Crocodile, Winona the Whale, Reg the Robot and Amelia the Submarine where in each episode they play various games in the bathtub.

Unaired Pilots

Around the early 2000s Hit Entertainment pitched a pilot of the show to BBC when it was under the early title Plugg.[1] Information on the pilot is scarce as no footage or any confirmed screenshots of it is available online with the only evidence of it's existence coming from a mentioning on the show's Wikipedia page and a C21 Media article that stated there were more than one pilot developed for the series and that the "pilot episodes of the show will be available by the end of 2001."[2] The Wikipedia article also states that there were 2 pilots developed with the second one titled "Splish Splash Sploosh," although no sources are available to back up that claim.

At some point an image of an early version of Tubb (then named Plugg) resurfaced, but is unknown if it's related to the pilot.

As of 2023 no further information on this pilot has resurfaced.


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