The Wordles (partially found pitch pilot of "Abadas" CBeebies animated series; 2010)

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Abadas logo.png

The logo used in the final show.

Status: Partially Found

Abadas is an animated children's series created by Dinamo Productions that aired on the BBC's CBeebies channel from 2011-2016. The series is about a six-year-old boy named Ben and his three animated animal friends known as the Abadas; a teal-colored hippo named Hari, a hazel-colored Fox named Ela, and a purple bat named Seren all living in his special pop-up book.


In 2010 the studio produced a pilot (then titled The Wordles) to pitch the show to the BBC, with Krystal Georgiou being the lead animator.[1][2] The animated characters had different designs, most notably their color changes (Hari being purple, Seren teal, and Ela being a darker shade of brown). Footage of the pilot was found on both of one of the animators Luke Hyde's 2011 and 2012 showreels, however, both clips contain no audio of the pilot.

Aside from some character model sheets, no additional information on this pilot is currently available as of September 2021.




A clip of the pilot.

Another clip of the pilot.

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