James Bond 007: A License To Thrill (partially found motion simulator ride; 1998-2002)

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Promotional material for James Bond 007: A License To Thrill at Fox Studios theme park.

Status: Partially Found

James Bond 007: A License To Thrill was a motion simulator theme park attraction that played at numerous amusement parks and entertainment venues throughout the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. The attraction was produced by Landmark Entertainment Group.[1]

James Bond 007: A License To Thrill at Carowinds amusement park.

The attraction opened on May 9, 1998, at King's Dominion, Carowinds, California's Great America, King's Island, and Canada's Wonderland. Later, the attraction debuted at Trocadero in London on August 17, 1999, and at Fox Studios Theme Park in Sydney, Australia on December 1, 1999.[2] The motion simulator is shot from a POV of Agent 007. Both Judi Dench and Desmond Llewelyn reprised their roles as M and Q respectively during filming for the attraction.


A shot of M briefing the riders about the misson.

As the attraction began, guests were greeted and briefed by M (Judi Dench) who is on a live video feed from MI6's headquarters. The riders are informed that they are in a top-secret training facility that was disguised as a theme park ride. M then briefs the audience about Dr. Callie Reeves (Laura Albert) who has developed technology that was meant to prevent earthquakes but has been kidnapped by the techno-terrorist headed by Gunther Thorne (Sonny Surowiec). The ride then takes the audience to Q (Desmond Llewelyn) as he gives the gadgets and weapons in order to take down Gunther Thorne and rescue Dr. Callie Reeves.[3]

Main show

The main show begins after Dr. Callie has been kidnapped. A trio of high-powered motorcycles the center one is being driven by Gunther Throne. Gunfire explodes and one of the bikers is shot and crashes as 007 enters on his BMW motorbike. 007 Then uses a high tech overlay device that tracks down both Gunther Thorne and Dr. Callie Reeves as he escapes with Dr. Reeves tied to the back of his motorcycle. As 007 gets a clear visual, bond then presses Gunther Thorne. As 007 enters a road, he soon reaches a dead end but accelerates the engine. The riders are hit with a sudden jolt as 007 lands on train tracks. Q then appears on Bond's glasses to ask Bond why he is not taking better care of his equipment. 007 quickly apologizes and brushes Q away and continues the chase.

007 then proceeds to drive up a mound of dirt in order to jump onto the train. Once he lands on the train he finds Gunther Throne and Dr. Callie. 007 then fights off a few henchmen as Gunther Throne takes off with Dr. Callie in a helicopter. 007 Also climbs onto the helicopter where Thorne is standing and tosses a grenade. 007 Intercepts it and throws it back into the helicopter which then explodes. Bond must fight off the pilot as Throne parachutes with Dr. Callie as a hostage. Both Throne and 007 reach jetskis where Throne detonates a series of explosions. As 007 reaches closer to Dr. Callie, she jumps from Throne's boat onto 007's jetski. 007 Then reaches for a rocket and fires it as Throne's boat. The audience is taken onto a POV of the rocket that hits Throne's boat.

A screenshot of the show's climax.

The show then switches back to 007 as he leaps into the water with the screen flickering and saying "Transmission Error" with the James Bond theme song playing in the background.[4]


By 2002 the attraction was removed from King's Dominion, King's Island, Canada's Wonderland, Carowinds, and California's Great America in order for a new attraction to come. Though it is possible it was removed for licensing fees.[5] There is no official date for when the attraction was removed from Trocadero in London or from the Fox Studios Theme Park in Sydney.


Though the show was never reshown, a recording from 1998 shows the first few minutes of the pre-show. Multiple promotional materials in the forms of photos still exist and can be easily found. Due to the possible fees involved and the overall age of the show, it is unlikely that the show will resurface.

The only known recording of the attraction.

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