Micro Force (found amusement park-exclusive anime 3D short film; 1989)

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Status: Found

Date found: 09 Jun 2023

Found by: asakusa taro

Micro Force (マイクロフォース) was a short 3D anime film shown at Ōji Fancy Land, an amusement park that existed in Tamano, Okayama Prefecture from 1989 to 1995. It was produced by Toei Animation together with Cherry Town Monogatari to commemorate the opening of the park., and running time for about 12 minutes. It was shown at the park's Poppy Cinema Theater attraction.

The film is less known than Cherry Town Monogatari and much information is lacking, with only a key visual image from a 1989 Toei Animation brochure[1], and until then the film itself had been lost and could not be seen. However, YouTube user asakusa taro discovered a videotape containing the film that belonged to their grandfather, so they digitized the tape and uploaded them on June 9, 2023. The video has since been privatized, however, the film has been backed up.[2]

And now that the film is available, some previously missing information has come to light.


Micro Force, are little warriors protecting the vast universe. The members are Packy the leader, Pinky the tomboy, Coupon the computer expert, Peter the mechanics is good but hasty, and Pon their friend and space animal.

And their enemies, the Fluggitts, are an evil army that spreads the seeds of disaster throughout the universe, polluting the beautiful galaxy and causing people to suffer. During the battle between Microforce and the Fluggitts, the struggling Fluggitts escaped at warp, and Microforce pursued them. The destination of their warp was a space they had never seen before. The Fluggitts landed on Earth, a planet they had never seen before, but because it was a clean planet, the Fluggitts became frustrated and tried to turn Earth into a world of garbage and smog. Micro Force had also landed on Earth, setting up a base and patrolling the surrounding area. Coupon analyzed the Earth and found that there were still conflicts here and there, spreading smog and polluting the oceans. He also said that science and technology had developed, but people did not seem to know how to use it. Peter confirms that there are Fluggitts nearby and goes to investigate. The Fluggitts minions are in the process of collecting garbage and transporting it to their base. The minions then witness a group of children on a picnic eating lunch and attempting to steal the food.

Peter fires a birdlime bomb at one of the minions, knocking him down. At the same time, another minion was raising a man-eating plant creature, so Peter asked his friends for backup. Peter sets out to defeat the creature but is attacked by the minions and is almost eaten by the creature. Coupon comes along and fires a freezing beam at the creature, freezing it and allowing Peter to escape. Other friends arrive at the same time, and Micro Force and the Fluggitts minions engage in a battle. Packy fired a bubble beam that forced the minions to retreat, and the Micro Force was victorious. The Fluggitts general reprimands the minions who fled to the base. The Fluggitts are then surprise attacked by Micro Force, which has discovered the location of the base, and the retreat.

Micro Force also killed other man-eating plant creatures that the minions had raised. The group then watches the sun fall. Packy says that the place still needs time to be restored, and Coupon says that the creature's outbreak was caused by garbage spread by humans. Packy also says that it is up to the people who live here to keep this planet beautiful, and the group declares that they will defeat the Fluggitts again. Micro Force then departs into space again.


  • Yumi Tōma
  • Yōko Matsuoka
  • Chieko Honda
  • Kōsei Tomita as Fluggitts General
  • Hiroya Ishimaru as Narration


  • Planning - Kenrō Murayama, Ikuo Itō Tadanao Tsuji
  • Character Design - Tadanao Tsuji
  • 3D Coordination - Nobuyuki Sugaya
  • Production Cooperation - Victor Company of Japan, Ltd., Video Tech Laboratories, Inc, Imagica Group Inc., Shaft Inc., Eiko Co.,Ltd., ACC Production Tanihara Studio


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