Starship Surprise (lost unaired "Sesame Street" sketch; 1981)

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A photo of the sketch, supposed to be aired in Episode 1505.

Status: Lost

Starship Surprise is an unaired Sesame Street sketch that was gonna air in episode 1505, but never appeared in the final. The sketch was a spoof to the Star Trek franchise and a predecessor to the recurring sketches in season 19, Spaceship Surprise. A synopsis found in the CTW archives describes two anything muppets, Captain Jane and Dr. McToy landing on the moon.[1] However, both of the script and final cut of the episode don't feature the segment.


In the 2009 book, Sesame Street: A Celebration - 40 Years of Life on the Street, published a photo of the segment during a taping with a blue screen (meant to be replaced with a space background). On June 2018, a behind-the-scenes photo was discovered on social media, featuring a better look of the cast and an unnamed green alien that was never mentioned in the CTW description.

As of 2024, no footage of the sketch has resurfaced online and is unlikely to do so.


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