The Bob & Larry Movie (cancelled "VeggieTales" animated film; 2005)

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Bob (right) and Larry (left).

Status: Lost

Before the release of their feature film, Jonah: a VeggieTales Movie, BigIdea made plans to make another feature film called The Bob & Larry Movie. The movie was planned for a 2005 theatrical release, however, it was soon scrapped due to BigIdea going bankrupt in mid-2003, and the fact that it had human characters (which were too complicated to animate at the time). The Bob & Larry Movie was later replaced by The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: a VeggieTales Movie, which was released in January 2008. The Bob & Larry Movie would’ve been distributed by Artisan, the distributor of Jonah. According to BigIdea founder, Phil Vischer, they had about 10 people working on the movie before cancelling it.

Judging by an interview with Bob and Larry from 2005, it is possible that BigIdea was still thinking about making The Bob & Larry Movie, or instead of making The Pirates who Don't Do Anything, which they eventually ended up making.


All that’s known about the plot is that it’s about how Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber met, and how they started VeggieTales together. It would also feature human characters.

Known People who Worked on the Film

  • Phillip Dimitriadis - Concept Art
  • Tod Carter - Story Supervision


No video footage of the movie has been released, the only proof being concept art and a color script. Phil Vischer has stated that he still has the full script for the movie, but has no plans on releasing it to the public.[1]

On March 28, 2019, it was announced that there's a new VeggieTales movie in development at Universal. It is unknown if this will be a revival of the 'Bob and Larry Movie' or a completely new film.[2]

On April 23, 2019, Phil Vischer confirmed that the new VeggieTales movie is not 'The Bob and Larry Movie' and will be a new movie that he is working on.[3]