After Hours "Why Mario is Secretly a Dick With a Mustache" (lost extended version of web series episode; 2012)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its adult subject matter/visuals.


The video's thumbnail, taken from the episode.

Status: Lost

After Hours has had slightly different cuts of its episodes. One being the "The Best Super Power (Is Not What You Think)" episode, which was either censored or not censored on Katie's "motherfuckers" line depending on whether you watched the or YouTube version[1] and the other being the "Why Mario is Secretly a Dick With a Mustache" episode (originally called "Why Mario is Secretly a Douchebag"). Specifically, the first time Cracked uploaded the episode to YouTube (6 days after they had originally put it on,[2] it was a unique extended version that was part of an initiative to upload a longer version to YouTube whenever possible, as Cracked noted in the comments.[3]

The cut was different from the original in two key aspects. The first is that when Michael says "No genitals." it cuts to a picture of Bowser with a magnifying glass over his crotch to illustrate Michael's point. The second is that after he asks "What other man does that?", instead of it immediately cutting to Katie saying "The Castlevania guy.", it instead shows the Princess Peach-attired waitress responding with "Luigi?", Michael dropping his head in sigh and then goes back to Katie saying "Oh, the Castlevania guy."

This slightly extended version of the episode was quickly privated due to "sexy legal reasons", as stated by Cracked in the comments of the reupload made an exact month later. Both the original version on (which has also become unavailable officially, if only because stopped hosting old videos at some point) and the extended version on YouTube had a title card that used unauthorised copyrighted artwork for "Console Collective, Vol. 1" from the artist "Fictionalhead" that was based on the Super Mario IP.[4] This drew a complaint response from the artist, and Cracked responded with an apology and assurance that their guys were on it currently. Despite Cracked stating they needed to switch out an element that was the title card for the aforementioned sexy legal reasons, and that it was otherwise "the same After Hour-y goodness", the reupload that's served as the primary official way to watch the episode ever since oddly did not retain the exclusive extended cuts of the prior upload in spite of it being newly edited.

It's also worth noting that the teaser for the second season also has alternate footage for the episode that is either unused or not seen visually. This doesn't include any footage relating to the extended version.

The extended version has been completely lost since 2012. A fan-made recreation of the missing scenes has been made. When pressed on the subject on February 24, 2023, episode and series director Justin Viar stated he wasn't sure he had copies of the files in his personal collection, but was willing to dig around and report back. The extended version's very brief window of availability, obscured unique nature only mentioned in the comments and co-existence with another release on strains the likelihood of someone saving a copy of the extended version. Cracked themselves not only elected to withdraw the extended elements when given the chance to re-edit and reupload the episode on YouTube, but are also legally obliged to not upload a version that has the offending title card. The whole ordeal involving the filmed After Hours finale purposely not being released in light of the staff firings might not inspire optimism either.




The cut version of the episode currently available.

The teaser for Season 2 that includes alternate footage for the episode.

Fan-made recreation of the two missing scenes from the extended version, alongside the alternate footage from the teaser.

The original version of the episode with the original title card.

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