F1 2000 (lost pre-release builds of Formula One game; 2000)

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PlayStation cover art for the game.

Status: Lost

F1 2000 is a Formula One racing game that was developed by Visual Sciences and Image Space Incorporated, and published by EA Sports. Released in early-to-mid-2000 for the PC and PlayStation, the game was a simulation of the 2000 Formula One Season and was the first under EA's F1 series. During the later stages of development, pre-release PC and PlayStation builds were given to reviewers, which notably featured the 1999 cars.


F1 2000 marked EA Sports' first instance of publishing a game under the Formula One licence.[1] Released in early-to-mid-2000 depending on the region, the game generally received praise from critics.[2] This included GameSpot, who deemed the PC version as "one of the best F1 racing sims to date". Later, EA Sports would go on to publish F1 Championship Season 2000, F1 2001 and F1 2002, with its final title prior to originally losing the F1 licence being F1 Career Challenge.[3] In December 2020, EA re-gained the licence by purchasing Codemasters for $1.2 billion.[4]

In a review by GameOver's jube, a pre-release PC version was tested.[5] The review praised the game for its graphics, sound, and overall gameplay but did criticise its AI system, which proved to be overly aggressive and made completing races with damage modelling enabled difficult.[5] Nevertheless, it concluded that the game was worthwhile, scoring it 75% overall.[5] It also provided eight screenshots that notably showed the pre-release build contained car and driver data from the 1999 Formula One Season.[5][6] Additionally, an r/formula1 discussion revealed an unarchived GameSpot page also held screenshots of a pre-release PlayStation version that contained the 1999 cars.[6]


While the available screenshots confirm the existence of 1999 builds of F1 2000, similar to F1 2010's pre-build containing 2009 cars, it was likely not publicly released due to licencing issues.[7] If any builds still exist, they likely dwell within EA Sports' archives, with an unlikely chance of being released.



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