Lyle's Break-Out (partially found online VeggieTales game; 2001)

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A screenshot from the game.

Status: Partially Found

VeggieTales is a 3D-animated Christian children's series created by Big Idea Productions in 1993. Because of the series' popularity, many online games were created for Big Idea's website.[1]

Despite most of these games still being accessible, one game that has not resurfaced is Lyle's Break-Out, which was created to promote the episode "Lyle the Kindly Viking".

A twist on the classic Atari game Breakout, the player controls Lyle (played by Junior Asparagus), who must destroy a wall of bricks using bouncing life rings.[2]


Unlike most of Big Idea's other games, which were made in either Shockwave or Adobe Flash, Lyle's Break-Out was developed using Java.[3]

When Big Idea revamped their website in early 2002, the game was transferred to The game remained there until 2011, when Big Idea shut down all their previous websites in favor of the newly-created During this revamp, a reskin of the game was made available on the website, a treatment given to several other games transferred from[4] This version of the game was also taken down when Big Idea removed all their games from their website in early 2014.


Although many of the game's assets have been archived, the actual levels and sounds remain lost, rendering the game unplayable. As of March 2024, none of the files for the 2011 reskin of the game have been archived either.


Gameplay of a recreated version of the game, using the GameHouse game Knock 'Em Out as the basis.

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