Mickey's Man Friday (partially found production material of unproduced remake; 1939-1941)

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Title card for the original 1935 version.

Status: Partially Found

Mickey's Man Friday was a planned remake of the 1935 Mickey Mouse cartoon with said name. This would've been the second Disney cartoon to be remade shot-for-shot, the first being Orphans' Benefit. Mickey's Man Friday was originally going to be part of a short film, Mickey's Revival Party, which would've included shot-for-shot remakes of old black-and-white Mickey Mouse cartoons remade with updated character designs and color. However, the idea was soon scrapped, and Mickey's Man Friday never finished production.


As of now, only rough sketches and model sheets can be found of this remake, but it is currently unknown whether or not any animation was produced.


The original 1935 cartoon.

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