No Time to Die (lost John Hogie screenplay of James Bond film; 2018)

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No Time to Die poster.

Status: Lost

No Time to Die was the 25th film of Eon Production's James Bond franchise. Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, it was originally released in September 2021 and marked the final appearance of Daniel Craig in the series, as his Bond was killed off in the film. Originally, however, Danny Boyle was to direct the film, utilizing a screenplay from John Hogie that was deemed to contain "crazy, madcap ideas".


In February 2018, it was reported that Danny Boyle was being heavily considered to direct the next James Bond film, known simply back then as Bond 25.[1] A month later, Boyle confirmed he was indeed interested in directing the film, working on a screenplay with John Hodge, who he had also collaborated with on Trainspotting.[2] Boyle was confirmed to be the director of the film on 25th May 2018, with his hiring highly influenced by the screenplay.[3] Boyle and Hogie ultimately replaced the original draft long-term Bond writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade created in 2017, with Boyle aiming to start production on the film in December that year.[3]

However, in August 2018, it was announced that Boyle and Hodge were to leave the project, with Fukunaga taking over as director in September 2018.[4][5] Initial reports stated that Boyle had creative differences with the producers on the film's script; particularly, it was claimed Boyle was against having Bond be killed off in the film, deeming it "ridiculous".[6] In a March 2019 interview with The Guardian, Boyle revealed the script disputes left him with the choice of either replacing his screenwriter or leaving the project, ultimately opting for the latter option.[7] He also felt that the concepts he and Hodge established had potential, stating "What John Hodge and I were doing, I thought, was really good. It wasn’t finished, but it could have been really good... You have to believe in your process and part of that is the partnership I have with a writer."[7] Boyle refused to elaborate on particular disagreements with the script, stating that it would be "unfair" on replacement director Fukunaga.[7]

No Time to Die's set designer Mark Tildesley remained vague on the details surrounding Boyle's concepts, but described them as "crazy madcap ideas" which were in conflict with Eon's plans.[8] Nevertheless, a casting sheet leaked in July 2018 indicated that the film was based on current affairs, with the main antagonist being a male Russian, who, among other characteristics, had charisma and had a cold and vindictive personality.[9][10] Additionally, a Russian female leading role was listed, excelling physically while also being a survivor, suggesting a sympathetic narrative for her character.[9][10] A supporting role was to be played by an Māori actor gifted with stage combat skills, the character being "“authoritative, cunning, ruthless and loyal."[9][10] Concept art would also be leaked on 20th October 2021.[11][12]


While the corresponding casting sheet and concept art were publicly leaked, the Hodge screenplay, which was deemed unfinished by Boyle,[7] has yet to see any kind of public release.[13] If copies still exist, they most likely remain with either Eon and/or Boyle and Hodge.



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