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Quiz Ball (also known as Quizball!) is a BBC One football-based quiz show. Running for six series from 1966 to 1972, it consisted of a knockout tournament featuring two teams made up of English or Scottish Football League football players, officials, and guest supporters answering general knowledge and football-related questions in order to score goals.


The show was conceptualised by Bill Wright, who would later go on to create the long-running quiz show Mastermind.[1][2] Its creation came during an era where football significantly increased in popularity in the United Kingdom, following England's 1966 FIFA World Cup success.[1] This prompted football-related shows to be created to capitalise on football's new-found success, with shows like Quiz Ball being greenlit.[1] Each episode of Quiz Ball consisted of two teams of four.[3][4][2][1] Three of the team members were football players, managers, or other officials of an English or Scottish Football League club.[2][4][1][3] Each team would be bolstered by a rotating cast of celebrity guests who supported said clubs.[4][2][1] Whichever team scored the most number of goals in an episode would advance through a knockout tournament that decided the series' champions.[3][4][1]

The game begins with an opening general knowledge question.[5][2][3][4] Whoever buzzes in first and correctly answers will then select one of four routes to potentially score a goal in.[2][3][4][5][1] The four routes varied in terms of difficulty and number of questions, with Route Four consisting of four easy questions, and Route One containing one tough question.[2][5][3][4][1] Successfully answering the questions would award the team a goal, but the opposing side could perform a tackle, where they would buzz in and attempt to answer the question themselves.[2][3][5][1][4] If they were correct, they gained possession, restarting play.[2][3][5][4][1] But a failed tackle would automatically award the other side a goal.[2][3][5][4] The opposing side could not interrupt a Route One question.[2][5] Route One would actually become a popular term in football itself, used to refer to a defender booting the ball across the field and having a forward chase it directly towards goal.[6][5] The tactic would especially be utilised in English football during the early-1990s.[1]

The show was originally hosted by David Vine, with Stuart Hall taking over in later series.[4][2][3][1] The majority of results have been uncovered thanks to The London Scrabble League.[3][4] Arsenal, consisting of manager Bertie Mee, players Ian Ure and Terry Neill, and guest supporter Jimmy Young, claimed the first title by beating Dunfermline Athletic 7-3.[7][5][3][4] In the 1967-1968 series Grand Final, West Bromwich Albion, featuring manager Alan Ashman, players John Osborne and Doug Fraser, and guest Jeff Smith, overcame Nottingham Forest 2-1.[8][5][3][4] Celtic were victorious in an all-Scottish 1969-1970 Grand Final, with players Billy McNeill, Jim Craig, Willie Wallace, and guest John Cairney defeating Heart of Midlothian 3-1.[9][5][3][4] The team, featuring the exact same players, retained their title the following series 7-5 against Everton, known as the "Champions Series" as each team featured consisted of cup winners of the 1969-1970 football season.[10][5][3][4] Derby County won the 1970-71 series Grand Final, players Allan Durban, John O'Hare, Roy McFarland, and guest Bob Arnold defeating Crystal Palace 4-2.[11][5][3][4] Dunfermline meanwhile won the 1971-1972 Final with manager Alex Wright, John Cushley, James Fraser, and guest supporter John Pertwee beating Leicester City 3-1.[12][5][3][4] Not all results have been archived, with it being unclear who was victorious in the Home Nations series broadcast in 1972.[3]

Ultimately, while Quiz Ball proved enticing among hardcore football fans, the BBC One show struggled to attract a general audience.[13][2] It was eventually cancelled after 1972 as A Question of Sport was introduced in January 1970 and began to control the ratings.[13] Quiz Ball remains a well-remembered show among some viewers, although a pilot featuring Frank Skinner failed to produce a reboot.[13][3][4]


Quiz Ball, along with many other BBC shows like Doctor Who, were subject to the corporation's junking policy, where its recordings were wiped so that tapes could be re-used.[14][13] According to BBC Archivist Adam Lee, some episodes of a long-running quiz show could be archived, but most would be wiped due to the overhead costs it would provide.[13] Concerning Quiz Ball, only six episodes have survived, including Series 1, Episode 1; Series 2, Episode 11; Series 3, Episode 6; the 1970 Challenge Match; Series 5, Episode 5; and Series 8, Episode 4.[3] Of these, Series 1, Episode 1 was made available on BBC iPlayer, and can also be viewed on YouTube.[3] Some footage of a match between Arsenal and Hearts was also broadcast in a 1986 episode of Football Focus. 66 episodes are confirmed to be missing according to Kaleidoscope.[15]



Series 1, Episode 1.

Part of the Arsenal-Hearts game broadcast on Football Focus in 1986.

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