Snappy Larry's Showtime (partially found Nick Jr. UK interstitial series and American dub; mid-2000s)

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Status: Partially Found

Snappy Larry's Showtime was a British interstitial series that was aired on Nick Jr. UK around the mid-2000s. There also exists an American dub of the series that aired on the US block.

The premise of the series is like so: Snappy Larry would introduce the show and explain the sing-along feature. He would introduce an animal who would then sing a nursery rhyme with sing-along lyrics at the bottom of the screen. After he/she finishes singing, Snappy Larry wraps up the show.

An anonymous user on recalls an episode that features the song "London Bridge,"[1] but did not specify the animal who sings it. YouTubeFan43 recalls an episode where a yellow snake sings "Pop Goes the Weasel." A full episode featuring a lion named Les singing "Looby Loo" was found. Before this, only a short clip from another (currently unidentified) episode had surfaced. The US dub of an episode featuring a blue monkey named Mike singing "Skip to my Lou" had surfaced in 2016, but has since been removed.


A clip courtesy of Mrhammadmossop1988 Ul Haq.

A full episode courtesy of Lastofthetimelordz (skip to 3:39).

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