The Cheetah Girls (cancelled ABC sitcom TV series; 2003-2004)

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Cover of the first film.

Status: Lost

The Cheetah Girls is a Disney Channel original movie series of three films. However, there was also meant to be a sitcom TV series based on the films.[1]

The Cheetah Girls was supposed to air during the 2004-2005 season on ABC. The plot for the TV show is unknown but it is presumed to be the same plot as the movies'. According to Wikipedia, it is possible that up to four episodes were shot around late 2003 and the rest were supposed to be done in early 2004. At least one episode was confirmed to have been shot. It is still unknown just exactly how many were actually completed.

The show ran into some difficulties at the time. Raven Simone was on another popular Disney show at the time called That's so Raven and it seems that she wasn't able to do The Cheetah Girls as she wanted to focus solely on the former.[2]

The Cheetah Girls ended up not being picked up by ABC. The reason why is not known, but it could simply be due to Simone not being able to participate in the show.

The episodes that were made never aired on television and, due to the obscurity of the show, it is unlikely the shot episodes will ever be aired.

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