Dumbo's Circus (partially found Disney Channel live-action puppet series; 1985-1986)

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Dumbo Circus Title Card.jpg

The shows' title card.

Status: Partially Found

Dumbo's Circus was a Disney Channel show in the 1980s. The show was loosely based on the 1941 animated movie Dumbo but differed in the fact that the only character from the movie in the show was Dumbo. The show used the same costume style that Welcome to Pooh Corner did. The show received no home media release of any kind, so only a few episodes have been saved since reruns stopped in 1997.[1] Because of the lack of home media release, and rarity of home recording systems at the time of the show's run, episodes are very difficult to come across.


According to a Hello Giggles article, the show is a puppet show and is a sequel to the original Dumbo film. The premise is supposed to be about Dumbo as an adult who is running his own circus by this time.[2]

Episode List

There were 115 episodes of the show. There are some episodes on YouTube that have not been matched with episodes. Since the show doesn't have episode titles, people uploading episodes have to guess what the episodes are, if they try at all. All episode names have been found except for the 115th, so it is possible there were only 114.

An asterisk (*) denotes episodes that were at one point found, but for which all previously available uploads have become unavailable.

# Episode Title Status (44/115)
1 Yippi-Ki-Bow-Wow Found
2 Elephant Lost
3 A Taste of Medicine Found
4 Scratch, Scratch Lost
5 Ragweed Rag(1) Lost*
6 Tiny Town Found
7 All in a Day's Play Lost
8 The Perfect Peanut Lost
9 Strong Man Contest Found
10 40 Winks for Dinks Lost
11 Hide and Seek Lost
12 Horsin' Around Lost
13 All Bout Christmas Lost
14 The Big Switch Lost
15 Barnaby's Magic Coat Found
16 Sport's Town Lost
17 Dumbolina (1 | 2) Lost*
18 Never Trust a Stranger Found
19 Going Bananas (1) Lost*
20 The Long Walk Lost
21 Barnaby Cries Uncle Found
22 Sebastian's Little Helper Lost
23 Dink's Double (1) Found
24 Copycat(1) Lost*
25 The Magical Musical Machine Lost
26 If I Ran the Circus Lost
27 Calliope Calamity Lost
28 Lionel's Bubble Machine Lost
29 Barnaby's Trek Lost
30 Sticky Fingers Lost
31 The Race Found
32 Over the Rainbow Lost
33 Whoop's-a-Daisy Lost
34 Dink's New Job (1) Lost*
35 Who's Got the Feather Found
36 Luckville Found
37 Circus Sweeties Lost
38 Magic B-Day Cake Lost
39 Lionel's Weather Machine (12) Found
40 The Treasure Found
41 Everyone Should Have a Song Found
42 The Five Wishes Found
43 Lionel's Singing Lesson Found
44 Sandwich Hero Lost
45 Bye Bye Birdie Found
46 Lilli's Hat Dance Lost
47 Kite Day Found
48 One Size Fits All Found
49 A Present for Lionel Found
50 A Better Bet Lost
51 Lionel Goes to Town Found
52 Tricky Sebastian (1) Lost*
53 Home Sweet Home Found
54 Eat Trouble Lost
55 Barnaby Takes a Hike Lost
56 Quarter for Five Lost
57 The Nine Lucks of Sebastian Lost
58 Dear Diary Found
59 Bluegrass Contest Lost
60 Rinkum's Return (1 | 2 | 3 | 4) Found
61 Concertina for Two Found
62 Circus Derby Lost
63 Invisible Box Lost
64 Uncle Latimer Says Merci Found
65 Ring Around the Circus Lost
66 Masquerade Lost
67 Perfect Weather Found
68 Friend Times Three Found
69 Out of Sight Circus Lost
70 Quiet Please Lost
71 Sebastian's Treasure Found
72 Meet Me at the Fair (12) Found
73 Eyeglasses Lost
74 Everybody's Doing It Lost
75 A Day at the Circus Lost
76 Make Believe Circus Lost
77 Budgadumbo Lost
78 A Very Special Place Lost
79 Christmas at the Circus Lost
80 Here's Matty Lost
81 All Abroad Found
82 Birthday, Birthday Found
83 Helo's Dink Lost
84 Circus Trainer Lost
85 Help Wanted Lost
86 Dancing Matilda(1) Lost*
87 Mount Frosty Lost
88 Clowning Around Lost
89 My Fair Everybody Lost
90 Stormy Night Lost
91 Catchy Tune Lost
92 Matty's Beautiful Doll Found
93 Tell Me a Story Found
94 Adventures Through Reading Found
95 Goldie Found
96 Matty's Magical Mystery Tour Lost
97 Music Maestro Please Lost
98 The Gang's All Here Lost
99 Adventure, Adventure Found
100 Think of All the Times Lost
101 Teaching Birds to Fly Lost
102 Farmer's Circus Found
103 Lilli's Surprise Party Found
104 Finding the Perfect Gift Lost
105 Lilli Comes Home Lost
106 The Annual Summer Parade Lost
107 Welcome to Melody Land Found
108 A Lion Needs a Mane (12) Found
109 She's Really Something Special Lost
110 That Darn Trike Found
111 Snookie and the Coodies Found
112 Forest Full of Friends(12) Found
113 The Big Parade Lost
114 Solo Circus Lost
115 Unknown Title Existence Unconfirmed


  • Some episodes may be labeled incorrectly in video titles, this is due to uncertain episode titles and no titles appearing on the episode.


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