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The show's revamped logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Zoom was a live-action children's series that aired from January 4th, 1999 to May 6th, 2005, produced by WGBH (now GBH) that aired on PBS. It was a revival of another live-action series of the same name that aired from 1972-1978. The show is in the same vain as other popular children's shows that aired on PBS like Sesame Street and The Electric Company, but its cast is made up of kids ages 8 and up and perform various activities like games, plays, poems, songs, and would occasionally start conversations on various topics like prejudice and hospitals, with most topics being submitted by the home audience. The revival became a ratings winner for PBS and switched to the channel's children's block "PBS Kids" halfway through the show's first season. The revival lasted 7 seasons with 200 episodes (outliving its precursor in episode length), ending in May 2005 due to poor ratings.[1]


The revival only saw four home media releases in the form of four VHS tapes that were released between 1999 and 2002. After PBS Kids stopped rerunning the show in 2007, a large majority of the show's run has never been seen since and is mostly lost.

As of June 2024, all episodes from seasons 2-7 and 23 episodes from season 1 have been found and uploaded onto YouTube. 14 from the first season were uploaded by YouTube user ZOOMFan1 and 2 more by Facebook user Nathan Ng. YouTube user Evan's Media Archive also uploaded 7 more previously lost episodes on March 2024.

Currently, the missing episodes from season 1 are 113-127, 129, 131 and 133. And partially found episodes are 105 and 136.

As GBH currently does not have the rights to share or release the episodes, the only chance of finding them at the time is on VHS recordings from when they aired on TV. Since most of the episodes have not been broadcast since early 2002 (and the season hasn't been aired at all since January 2003), chances of all the episodes being found are slim to none.

Clips from some of the episodes have been found, however. Below is a list of known found and lost segments from the missing 18 episodes and 2 partially found episodes.


Season & Episode Name Status
S1 E5 Mystery Seeds Found
S1 E13 Color Symphony Lost
S1 E14 Balloon Cars Lost
S1 E15 Baking Soda Vinegar Boat Found
S1 E16 Windmills Found
S1 E17 Newspaper Chair Found
S1 E17 Moldy Soup Found
S1 E18 Cantilever Found
S1 E19 Egg Drop Found
S1 E20 Glider Lost
S1 E21 Compost & Biodome Lost
S1 E22 Rocking Structure Found
S1 E23 Playing Card Structure Lost
S1 E24 (?) Waterwheel Lost
S1 E25 Crazy Straw Bridge Lost (archived)
S1 E25 Germinator Found
S1 E26 Baking Soda Submarines Found
S1 E27 Naked Egg Drop Found (Poor-Quality)
S1 E29 Newspaper Tower Found
S1 E31 Salt Pendulum Lost
S1 E33 (?) Strongest Shape Found (Poor-Quality)


Season & Episode Name Status
S1 E5 String Sculpture Found
S1 E13 Rainstick Found
S1 E14 Permanent Sand Castle Found
S1 E15 (?) Serpent Tie Creature Lost
S1 E15 Flipbook Found
S1 E18 Marble Painting Found
S1 E18 Straw Painting Found
S1 E18 String Painting Found
S1 E19 Gum Wrapper Chain Found
S1 E20 (?) Magazine Beads Lost
S1 E25 Friendship Bracelet Lost (archived)
S1 E26 Ping Pong Paddles Found
S1 E27 Pantyhose Face Doll Lost (archived)
S1 E33 Yarn Doll Lost
Unknown Comic Book File Box Lost
Unknown Worry Doll Lost


Season & Episode Name Status
S1 E16 ZOOMspread Found
S1 E19 Homemade Pretzels Found
S1 E20 Yogurt Parfaits Lost
S1 E21 Tortilla Sandwiches Lost
S1 E23 Baked Apples Found
S1 E24 Peanut Butter Treats Lost
S1 E26 (?) Bagel Faces Lost
S1 E26 Fabulous Fruit Kabobs Lost
S1 E29 Calzone Lost
Unknown Pinwheel Cookies Lost
Unknown Stained Glass Cookies Lost
Unknown Marshmallow Mountain Lost


Season & Episode Name Status
S1 E13 Paper Worm Found
S1 E16 Door Trick Found
S1 E18 (?) Walking Through Paper Lost
S1 E21 Cup Game with Words Lost
S1 E24 Gravity Lost
S1 E25 Penny Pinch Lost (archived)
S1 E29 The Flying Trick Lost
S1 E31 (?) Arm Trick Lost
S1 E33 (?) Hoop Glider Found


Season & Episode Name Status
S1 E13 Dr. Pretzel Lost
S1 E14 The Cup Game Partially Found
S1 E15 Cracker Whistle Found
S1 E16 Feelings Found
S1 E16 Beetle Found
S1 E16 Octopus Tag Found
S1 E17 Concentration I Found
S1 E18 Walk On Knees Found
S1 E19 The Wind Blows Lost
S1 E20 Turkey Chase Lost
S1 E21 (?) Toe-to-Toe Lost
S1 E21 (?) Head Ball Race Found
S1 E23 (?) Balloon Bounce On Head Relay Lost
S1 E24 Funny Bones Lost
S1 E25 Shoe Relay Lost (archived)
S1 E26 Ping Pong Circle Found
S1 E27 Staring Contest Found (Poor-Quality)
S1 E27 Down Down Baby Lost (archived)
S1 E27 Back-to-Back Dash Lost (archived)
S1 E29 Bubble Race Lost
S1 E31 Wink (1 | 2 | 3) Found (Poor-Quality)
S1 E33 (?) Pile Up Lost


Season & Episode Name Status
S1 E5 Hands Up! Found
S1 E13 Knot Zinger Found
S1 E14 Psychic Zinger Found
S1 E15 Sock Zinger Found
S1 E16 "Guess What" Zinger Found
S1 E17 Card Trick I Found (Listed as "Card Trick 2")
S1 E17 Body Zinger Found
S1 E18 Headstands Partially Lost (Poor-Quality)
S1 E18 Homonyms II Found
S1 E19 Sucking Lemon Wedges Found
S1 E20 (?) Step Through Your Hands Lost
S1 E22 Sour Candies Partially Lost (Poor-Quality)
S1 E22 Word Game Found
S1 E23 Balloon Bouncing Found
S1 E25 Writing Your Name with Your Feet Lost (archived)
S1 E26 Card Trick II Found (Part 2 is Listed as Part 1)
S1 E27 How Low Can You Go? Lost (archived)
S1 E31 (?) Run, Rabbit, Run Lost
S1 E36 Shoelace Zinger Found
Unknown Connect Nine Dots Lost
Unknown Draw Your Name On Your Forehead Lost
Unknown Group Juggling Lost
Unknown Name 10 Body Parts Using 3 Letters Lost


Season & Episode Name Status
S1 E13 Trouble In Candy Kingdom Found
S1 E15 Where's Your Homework? Found
S1 E19 The Present Partially Lost
S1 E21 Little Red Riding Hood: An Ubbi Dubbi Fairy Tale Lost
S1 E22 The Fortune Teller Found
S1 E24 Hot Dog Experiment Lost
S1 E29 The Sweet Roll Found (Poor-Quality)
S1 E33 (?) The Greek Gods play Lost
Unknown The bus ride play Lost

Ubbi Dubbi Skits

Season & Episode Name Status
S1 E5 Singing Voice Found
S1 E14 Ring Pop Lost
S1 E15 Giant Pencil Found
S1 E17 Weather Report: Earthquake Found
S1 E18 Jokes Found
S1 E19 Chips and Dip Found
S1 E20 Peanut Butter Lost
S1 E23 Keiko the Magician Lost
S1 E25 Remote Lost (archived)
S1 E26 Row, Row, Row Your Boat Lost
S1 E29 (?) Jared the Chef: Toast Found (Poor-Quality)
S1 E33 Jared the Chef: Chocolate Milk Lost
Unknown Weather Update: Sun Lost


Season & Episode Name Status
S1 E15 Embarrassing Moments Found
S1 E17 Friends Found
S1 E18 Boys and Girls Found
S1 E23 Meeting New People Lost
S1 E25 Cheating Lost (archived)
S1 E26 Peer Pressure Found
S1 E33 (?) Sports Lost


Season & Episode Name Status
S1 E16 (?) Unknown Lost
S1 E19 Unknown Lost
S1 E21 (?) With Keiko, David, Jared and Pablo Found
S1 E22 With Lynese, Pablo, Keiko and Alisa Found
S1 E27 With Lynese, Zoe, Alisa and Keiko Lost (archived)
S1 E29 (?) Unknown Lost


Season & Episode Name Status
S1 E22 Zoe's Flea Circus Found


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