Alphablocks (partially found web-exclusive scenes of CBeebies animated series episodes; 2010-2013)

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Alphablocks title card.png

The original title card for the series.

Status: Partially Found

Alphablocks is a children's show that originally aired on Cbeebies, a channel for preschoolers.[1] The show centers around 26 anthropomorphic blocks that all represent the letters of the English alphabet, as they go around spelling words, making sounds and going on adventures. Each of the Alphablocks have a unique design and personality.


91 original episodes were produced from January 25th, 2010, to July 2nd, 2013, followed by four 10–20-minute specials that aired throughout October 2021, and the four crossover episodes with successor Numberblocks that aired in February 2022.[2]

While all of these episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer and YouTube, there once used to be an Alphablocks flash game that came out at the same time as the show itself, in 2010, which had 33 of the 91 original episodes turn into interactable versions where you drag certain Alphablocks and create words. After creating a word, a scene will play which shows the word in action. What makes the Flash game stand out from the show, is that in all of the interactable episodes, there are some exclusive scenes for certain words that don't appear in the TV versions.

While the game was available, anyone who played it could access these exclusive scenes. However, the game was taken down in October 2017 due to it being too outdated to be on the website any longer. Because of this, only around six of the 91 exclusive game scenes across the 33 interactable episodes had ever surfaced on the internet, all available on YouTube, while the rest were considered lost.

On October 20th, 2022, a video showcasing a playthrough of the flash game and both of the exclusive scenes from the Series 1 episode "Bus" was found on Dailymotion, increasing the number of found scenes to eight. The "cap" scene from Series 1's "Space" and the "dug" scene from Series 2's "Up" was also found just 2 days later, further increasing the total to ten. On July 13th, 2023, the "sea" scene from "Space" was uploaded to YouTube, leading all three of the "Space" exclusive scenes to be officially found. On October 22nd, 2023, the "Spot" and "Tops" scenes from "Bus" and the "Dug" scene from the episode "Up" were found. On December 26th, 2023, the "Sick" scene from the episode "Key", the "Fool", "Loot", and "Tool" scenes from the episode "Moon", as well as the "Might" and "Sight" scenes from the episode "Tightrope", were all found.

On December 30th, 2023, the original 2010 version of the game with only the Series 1 episodes was found to have been archived via the Wayback Machine. Sadly, only the main menu works, since when you click on an episode, all it does is load forever, so the exclusive scenes as well as the newer versions of the game are still lost.

Game-Exclusive Scenes

NOTE 1: The reason why some episode numbers are skipped is that the episodes themselves are not interactive in the flash game, therefore they are the exact same as the TV versions and do not have exclusive scenes.

NOTE 2: Series 4 and the 2021-22 special episodes are not included in this list. Series 4 is because none of the episodes are interactable in the flash game, while the specials are because they didn't exist at the time the flash game was up.

Season No. Episode No. Episode Title Word Status
1 3 Top bog Lost
beg Lost
5 Key lick Lost
sack Lost
sick Found
7 Sing bind Lost
bond Lost
8 Band cab Lost
gab Lost
lab Lost
9 Party sat Lost
saw Lost
say Lost
10 Cha Cha Cha chop Lost
12 Moon fool Found
hoof Lost
loot Found
tool Found
14 Sail pain Lost
wail Lost
17 Surprise pat Lost
rap Lost
tar Lost
18 Bus spot Found
tops Found
19 Space ace Found
cap Found
sea Found
22 Map ramp Lost
raps Lost
rats Lost
23 Jaybird jab Lost
jaw Lost
job Lost
joy Found
2 2 In nip Lost
nit Lost
pit Lost
6 Cat pan Lost
tan Lost
7 Pen get Lost
net Lost
ten Lost
8 Up dug Found
gum Found
11 Bop big Lost
bun Lost
12 Fred fen Lost
16 Dot doc Lost
pod Lost
top Lost
19 Box fed Lost
led Found
wed Lost
22 Wig fig Lost
jig Lost
rig Lost
23 Rainbow bog Lost
cog Lost
hog Lost
jog Lost
3 1 Wish dug Lost
hug Lost
mug Lost
2 Snowman ban Lost
can Lost
pan Lost
3 Win bin Lost
pin Lost
tin Lost
4 Hat cap Lost
nap Lost
rap Lost
9 Fit bit Lost
hit Lost
lit Lost
pit Lost
11 Champ bash Lost
dash Lost
rash Lost
16 Tightrope might Found
sight Found
17 Toad foal Lost
foam Lost
20 Card hard Found
hark Found
park Lost
24 Ants naps Lost
pant Lost
pats Lost
tans Lost


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