Pip Ahoy! (partially found unaired pilot of Milkshake! animated series; 2013)

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Slide pip 1.jpg

A still from the pilot.

Status: Partially Found

Pip Ahoy! is a preschool show produced by Cosgrove-Hall-Fitzpatrick Entertainment (A spiritual successor to Cosgrove-Hall Films) which has aired on the UK network Channel 5's "Milkshake!" block since 2014.[1] It features David Jason, known for Count Duckula and Angelmouse among other things, as Pip's uncle Skipper.

Before the show aired, there was a pilot made but has yet to be released apart from a short video with some footage of the pilot.

The show's pilot has designs that differ from the designs used in the show.


~40 seconds from the pilot.

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