The Cheetah Girls (non-existent pilot of ABC sitcom series; 2003-2004)

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Cover of the first film.

Status: Non-existent

The Cheetah Girls is a Disney Channel original movie series trilogy starring Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams, Sabrina Bryan, and Raven-Symoné that eventually created a real-life musical recording group of the same name. Due to the popularity of the first film, plans were made up (but never put into action) for a TV series that was planned to air on ABC.


The plot for the planned TV show was unknown but was most likely set after the events of the first movie with the band focusing on their career. According to MTV News, the series was set to be put into production in early 2004. Discussions were also being held to write a role for Jessica Benson, a member of the girl group 3LW, which also featured Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams.[1]


The show ran into some difficulties as at the time Raven-Symoné was starring on her popular Disney Channel sitcom That's So Raven at the time. This put her at odds with The Cheetah Girls as she wanted to focus solely on the former as opposed to taking on another big role.[2][3]

For years, a pilot for the show was rumored to have been filmed, but in 2019, the long-standing rumors about the pilot being filmed were debunked by Kiely Williams and Sabrina Bryan, who stated that "doing a Cheetah Girls TV show was always talked about, but there was never "anything real" happening with it, and they never even "had a script or anything."[4]

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