Midnight Screenings "Thor" (lost episode of "The Cinema Snob" online series; 2011)

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A screenshot from a Midnight Screenings episode with Brad and Jerrid.

Status: Lost

Brad Jones, also known by his character name The Cinema Snob, is one of many popular internet film critics. He specializes in reviewing underground horror and exploitation films. His site hosts a variety of other review shows as well, including Midnight Screenings, which is a review show for modern films. The reviews are mostly informal, done by either him or his friends, usually right after they had walked out of the film.

One of his earlier Midnight Screenings episode was on the 2011 Marvel movie, Thor. Due to an error with blip.tv, the site where the review was originally hosted, the video was removed. Brad recently discussed this situation in his Midnight Screenings episode for the 2017 Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2[1] with his friend Jerrid, who also appeared in the Thor video.

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