Nature Cat (lost pitch pilot of PBS Kids educational animated series; early 2010s)

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Nature cat prototype logos.png

Prototype logos for the series which the third one was allegedly used for the pilot.

Status: Lost

Nature Cat is an educational animated series that been airing on PBS Kids since 2015. The series takes place in Chicago, Illinois with a house cat name Fred who, when his owner leaves for work, changes into Nature Cat and explores the great outdoors from his backyard with his friends while helping kids develop a better understanding of nature.

Pitch Pilot

In 2009 Spiffy Pictures originally pitch the show to PBS with various hand drawn sketches,[1] when the network approved, they then created a pilot to help get the show greenlit. The pilot was allegedly made sometime in the early 2010s and shown to a test audience of preschoolers.

No footage from the pilot had resurfaced, the only concrete evidences of it's existence comes from a WTTW article mentioning the pilot that feature Nature Cat and two other characters Hal and Ronald along with two images taken from said pilot.[2] While some production art taken from an issue of Animation Magazine had surfaced, no other information on this pilot is available as of 2021.



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