Re-united (lost Dermot Morgan script of unmade football sitcom; 1990s)

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Dermot Morgan as Father Ted Crilly.

Status: Lost

Re-united is an unmade football sitcom. It would have starred comedian Dermot Morgan as a retired footballer who ends up flat-sharing in London with a fellow former player, with Morgan's character becoming a journalist. It is known that a script was written by Morgan, with the show set to be his next major project after Father Ted. However, his sudden death in 1998 prevented the show from materialising.


Dermot Morgan is best known for his starring role in the Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted, where he starred as the eponymous Roman Catholic priest sent to exile in Craggy Island.[1][2] The show was set to end after its third series, and Morgan was eager to do new projects and avoid becoming typecast.[2] Throughout his life, Morgan was a big football fan, supporting both UCD and Chelsea.[3][1] During the mid-to-late-1990s, Morgan began on work on three different football-related projects.[1] Among these included Miracle of the Magyars, The Kaiser Conspiracy, and Re-united, the latter set to be his first major show after Father Ted.[4][1]

Re-united was a football sitcom starring Morgan as a retired footballer who had now transitioned into becoming a journalist, with rumours apparent that the character was based on Irish media personality and former footballer Eamon Dunphy.[5][4][1] He would then end up flat-sharing in London with a fellow retired footballer, who was potentially going to be played by comedian Mel Smith.[4][1] This character was likely based on Irish footballer Johnny Giles, most known for his stint at Leeds United.[6][1] According to Morgan's agent John Fischer, Morgan had written a script for the show, and invited Smith to conduct a reading with him.[4][1] Based on Fischer's comments, the reading was promising, Fischer recalling "their personalities hitting it off."[4][1] Ultimately, the show would never materialise, as Morgan would suddenly pass away from a heart attack on 28th February 1998, aged 45.[4][2][1] Morgan's son Donnchadh stated the work was at an "advanced stage of production" prior to his father's death.[1]


Fischer's comments confirm a script for Re-united was written by Morgan prior to his death.[4][1] However, the script and other work for the show has never publicly resurfaced.[1] It has likely suffered the same fate as the screenplay for Miracle of the Magyars, having been potentially misplaced over the years.[1] Nevertheless, Morgan's son Donnchadh notes the possibility that his father's unfinished works could resurface to honour his legacy, providing someone has the energy and commitment to do so.[1]

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