The Pogrom of Mickey Mouse (lost unofficial Polish animated short film; 1930s)

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The Pogrom of Mickey Mouse.webp

The only preserved frame from the short

Status: Lost


This article has been tagged as NSFL due to its disturbing subject matter.

In the 1930s, Polish cartoonist, Jan Jarosz had an extreme aversion to Disney and hated the character, Mickey Mouse. In an attempt to publicly shame Disney before the war, Jan Jarosz created the short, ”Mickey Mouse Pogrom” or “The Pogrom of Mickey Mouse”


From what is know about the short, it was about Mickey Mouse getting brutally bullied, tortured, and killed by Polish creatures, possibly attempting to get Mickey off their native land.[1][2]


The short was never completed and published to the public, possibly due to it being deemed as scary and disturbing to kids. Only a photo and information can be found in a book called “Miki i myszy”, a book about pre-war animation. It is unknown if the short will likely resurface to the public.


Gubby’s video on the subject (starts at 0:04 - 2:38)

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