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Lmwtan.png Welcome to the Lost Media Wiki!

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Notice board

UPDATE 2.60! (Added 28 Mar 2017; Updated 31 Mar 2017)

First two Mister Rogers "Conflict" episodes, courtesy of TROG SLEEP NOW

blameitonjorge's 10 Updated Pieces of Lost Media II

psychoticgiraffe's video showing the PC version of Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

Two Hippo Tub Co. episodes, courtesy of CDCB2

Lost Media Chronicles episode 39 - The Velvet Underground Live Footage

Lost Media Chronicles episode 40 - Walt Disney's Oswald The Lucky Rabbit

Hey everyone, dycaite here with the third notice board post for the month of March; it's always nice to have a busy news month for lost media! Here we go:

  • Two of the five Mister Rogers' Neighborhood "Conflict" episodes have been found! Episodes 1521 and 1522 (ie. the first two episodes of the "Conflict" arc) were uploaded a little over a week ago by YouTuber TROG SLEEP NOW, although said uploads have now been taken down due to a copyright claim; fear not though, because several people (myself included) have made backups of the episodes and LMW contributor ApolloJustice has also made a YouTube mirror (of the two episodes in a single video), which can be viewed above; original webm backups can be found here.
    Since the unearthing of these episodes, some... interesting (to say the least) articles have sprung up, theorising that their resurgence was a possible "warning" of sorts to Donald Trump. As an Australian, I'll let you guys in the US decide for yourselves if there is any merit to these but from an outsider's perspective it seems like a pretty far-fetched thing to suggest... In any case, massive thanks to TROG SLEEP NOW for the provision and preservation of these TV relics and to blameitonjorge for tweeting about their recovery (which is how I first learned that they had been put online); here's hoping the remaining three surface some day!
    P.S. Speaking of blameitonjorge, he recently uploaded a new lost media update video (in which the aforementioned Mister Rogers episodes are addressed), that can be seen above! Thanks to jorge for once again giving the site (and the site's Patreon) a shout out; I'm only too happy to return the favour :)
  • The PC version of Plumber's Don't Wear Ties has been found! This rare version of the critically and commercially panned 1994 adult visual novel was found at Ball State University's library by YouTuber psychoticgiraffe, who subsequently ripped the game and has made it publicly available for download! The game's unearthing went on to catch the attention of the folks at PC Gamer, one of whom recently gave it's rediscovery a write-up! Big thanks to psychoticgiraffe for making this rarity available to all budding "bad PC game" enthusiasts and lost media enthusiasts alike, and to PC Gamer for giving the LMW a mention - much appreciated!
  • Two episodes of Hippo Tub Co. have been unearthed by LMW contributor CDCB2! The episodes, "Finders Keepers; Singin' in the Drain" and "Norton's Turn; Am I Blue?" can be directly downloaded here, or can be streamed via the above link; Thanks to CBCB2 for unearthing these episodes, and a special shout out once again to ApolloJustice for providing a YouTube mirror!

That's it for now - stay gold, people!


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