Pocoyo (found pilots of Spanish-British children's animated comedy TV series; 2002-2004)

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Pocoyo logo.png

Early logo from the bible, dated 2002.

Found (2002 Pilot)
Lost (Second Pilot)

Pocoyo is a Spanish-British children's animated comedy TV series co-produced by Guillermo García Carsí, Colman López, Luis Gallego and David Cantolla that premiered both on Clan TVE and CITV in 2005 and is still airing as of 2022.

The series consists of the characters Pocoyo, a four year old boy with blue hat and clothes, Pato a duck with a small green hat, Elly a pink elephant with a blue backpack, Loula an orange dog and Sleepy Bird a teal colored bird that almost always seen sleeping.


There were two pilots produced in Spain for the series, one developed in 2002 and the other in either 2003 or 2004.

In the 2002 pilot Pocoyo and Pato (originally called Duckie) go for a boat ride as the narrator counts how many fish they see jumping out of water. Pocoyo is always seen with a yellow pacifier (which he rarely seen with in the final show), and it's also narrated by an American female (as opposed to a male one like the final show). Pocoyo also communicates by squeaking instead of talking.

The second pilot's plot is currently unknown, but the Pocoyo Instagram account has confirmed that it featured the final designs for the characters.[1]


While the 2002 pilot was uploaded onto the YouTube channel SeriesPocoyo in 2011, the second pilot is currently lost. The second pilot was believed to be partially found during 2021, but it was later confirmed in 2022 that the footage believed to be of the second pilot was instead from an unrelated test animation and that the real second pilot featured the final designs for the characters.

A beta plot of Pocoyo (possibly from the pitch bible) has been found by LP10M in a PDF called ANIMATION FLASH 2004, this is the plot:

"Pocoyo, a 3D CGI series from Carlton and Zinkia Entertainment (Spain), aimed at pre-schoolers and their caregivers. The 52x7 minute series offers a unique blend of visuals combined with percussion, melody and rhythm. Pocoyo is about a young child’s discovery of the world around him. Pocoyo is a child with an insatia- ble curiosity, living in a world of limit- less opportunities. Helped by his band of friends, Duckie, Elefanta and a puppy called Lucas, Pocoyo is forever discovering new and exciting things. The visual simplicity and modernity of the series, combined with the upbeat music, is very engaging, making children want to laugh, sing, jump, dance and play with Pocoyo. Carlton International retains worldwide distribution rights for Pocoyo, excluding Spain, Italy, Portugal and Latin America, which are being handled by Zinkia."[2]


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A storyboard of what it looks to be an early version of "Umbrella! possibly from based on a storyline of the bible ".

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