Binyah Binyah! (found spin-off of "Gullah Gullah Island" Nick Jr. musical series; 1997-1998)

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The show's title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 18 Dec 2019

Found by: Milk Prayer/Mophead19961

Binyah Binyah![1] (also known as Binyah's Pond[2] or Binyah Binyah Polliwog [3]) was a short-lived spin-off series of the popular Nick Jr. series Gullah Gullah Island.


Somewhere between eight and thirteen episodes were recorded between July and August of 1997, and only five episodes aired on Nick Jr. during its only TV run, February 2nd-6th, 1998. The series was named after the main character of the original show, Binyah Binyah the Polliwog. Nickelodeon decided to pass on the series, and it never aired again.

There was no home media release for Binyah Binyah! due to how briefly it ran, and thus, bootleg copies are hard to come by. Thankfully, some contributors managed to save home VHS recordings from this time period.


Supposedly, puppeteer Rick Lyon was asked about the series. He claimed that only the 5 aired episodes ever existed in full form while the rest were never finished. He allegedly had a copy of the 5 episodes on VHS, but the tape deteriorated over time.


Of the five aired episodes, two resurfaced in May 2017 – being made publicly available by LMW contributors CDCB2 and DJ Bob. "Supersonic Binyah," thought to be the fourth episode aired, was found in its entirety. At the same time, "Follow That Pup," thought to be the following episode, misses a couple of seconds after the intro.

In December 2019, LMW Discord user Marnen005 (aka Milk Prayer) found the three final episodes, "The Three Little Duckponies," "Binyah has a Yummy Cake," and "Night Fright," thanks to a home VHS recording of the original broadcast. Some of the episodes have the end credits and the full opening theme. "The Three Little Duckponies," "Binyah has a Yummy Cake," and "Night Fright" was ripped by user Mophead19961 Archive and Lost Media Talks and originally uploaded to YouTube.

On March 12th, 2020, Mop or Archive and Lost Media Talks received a takedown notice via email from Viacom, forcing him to remove all three episodes. As of 04 August 2020, all episodes have been made available via MEGA by user Marnen005.

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
1 The Three Little DuckPonies Found
2 Binyah Binyah Has a Yummy Cake Found
3 Night Fright Found
4 Supersonic Binyah Found
5 Follow That Pup Found




2018 partial opening for Binyah Binyah!.

2020 complete opening for Binyah Binyah!.

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