Peppa Pig (partially found American dub of Channel 5 animated series; 2005-2007)

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Peppa Pig Title Card.png

The title card for Peppa Pig.

Status: Partially Found

Peppa Pig is one of the longest-running British animated preschool programs of all time, being shown in a whopping 180 territories in 40 languages, along with having over a billion dollars worth of merchandise sold all around the world. But prior to being rerun on Nick Jr. in the 2010s, Peppa Pig was first shown to the American audience in 2005 with an American dub, in the ill-fated Cartoon Network preschool block, Tickle-U.

As Tickle-U only lasted a year and a half, the American dub was lost along with the block. All post-2007 U.S. releases and airings of the show use the British dub, as the American dub received poor ratings.

Interesting to note is that, on several occasions, Tickle-U aired episodes with the original UK audio.[citation needed]

Voice Cast

Elaine Torres said that she voiced Suzy Sheep in the American broadcast.[1] In addition, Chloe Dolandis has stated on her resume that she was the voice of Emily Elephant and Richard Rabbit, though it is unknown if episodes from the second season ever aired with that dub.

According to Dolandis' resume, the recording studio was Chrom Studios[2], which is a dubbing studio based in Miami, Florida.[3]


Audio clips of Peppa, George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig's American laughter can be heard in the game Swirlygig.[4]

Elaine Torres' profile includes a short clip of Suzy Sheep talking to Daddy Pig from "Fancy Dress Party", as part of her animation/commercial reel.[5]

In addition, a Tickle U promo for Peppa Pig using the American dub has been found. The clips featured are from "Daddy Loses His Glasses".

On August 25th, 2016, the US dub of the episode "Secrets" was partially uploaded online by a YouTube user "MortoQueiba"

In December 2020, DerpJobi and 01angel found a clip from "Daddy Puts up a Picture", BlueFrog uploaded the clip online to YouTube for availability.

January 1st, 2021, the US dub of the episode "Mummy Pig's Birthday" (retitled "Mommy Pig's Birthday") was uploaded online by YouTube user BlueFrog.

On February 19th, 2021, the same channel uploaded a showreel of Heath Kelts voicing Grandpa Pig. The clips featured are from "Grandpa Pig's Boat", "Frogs and Worms and Butterflies" and "Gardening."

July 20th, 2022, Lost Media User Mario1984 found a 2-year-old YouTube upload of a Tickle U promo from BrandonDillard1995 which includes a few clips including the episode "Polly Parrot" and YouTube user gazmj4 uploaded clips of the US dub of "Muddy Puddles."

On June 15th, 2023, A partial clip of the episode "Hide & Seek" was found on a VHS tape by Discord user Gribnork.

On September 16th, 2023, 8 full episodes and one incomplete episode of the dub was found by 'Evan's Media Archive.'

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
1 Muddy Puddles Partially Found
2 Mr. Dinosaur Is Lost Partially Lost
3 Best Friend Lost images exist
4 Polly Parrot Partially Found
5 Hide and Seek Partially Found
6 The Playgroup Found
7 Mommy Pig at Work Lost
8 Piggy in the Middle Found
9 Daddy Loses His Glasses Partially Found
10 Gardening Partially Found
11 Hiccups Lost
12 Bicycles Partially Found
13 Secrets Partially Found
14 Flying a Kite Found
15 Picnic Lost
16 Musical Instruments Found
17 Frogs and Worms and Butterflies Found
18 Dressing Up Found
19 New Shoes Lost
20 The School Fete Lost
21 Mommy Pig's Birthday Found
22 The Tooth Fairy Lost
23 The New Car Found
24 Treasure Hunt Found
25 Not Very Well Lost
26 Snow Lost
27 Windy Castle Lost
28 My Cousin Chloé Lost
29 Pancakes Lost only a photo has been found.
30 Babysitting Lost
31 Ballet Lesson Lost
32 Thunderstorm Lost
33 Cleaning the Car Lost
34 Lunch Lost
35 Camping Lost
36 The Sleepy Princess Lost
37 The Tree House Lost
38 Fancy Dress Party Partially Found
39 The Museum Lost
40 Very Hot Day Lost
41 Chloé's Puppet Show Lost
42 Daddy Gets Fit Lost
43 Tidying Up Lost
44 The Playground Lost
45 Daddy Puts up a Picture Partially Found
46 At the Beach Lost
47 Mister Skinnylegs Lost
48 Grandpa Pig's Boat Partially Found
49 Shopping Lost
50 My Birthday Party Lost
51 Daddy's Movie Camera Lost
52 School Play Lost

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