FC St. Pauli 3-4 Hamborn 07 (lost footage of DFB-Pokal football match; 1952)

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A television set transmitting the match.

Status: Lost

On Boxing Day 1952, FC St. Pauli hosted Hamborn 07 for a DFB-Pokal last 16 replay match. Occurring at St. Pauli's ground within Heiligengeistfeld, the visitors would progress after winning 4-3. Aside from being the first known DFB-Pokal game to be televised live, the encounter is also historic for being the first football match to be broadcast live in Germany following the official public re-launch of television in the country.


Heading into their original last 16 tie, FC St. Pauli had defeated 1. FC Saarbrücken 2-1, while Hamborn 07 overcame I. SC Göttingen 05 4-1.[1] Hamborn originally hosted St. Pauli on 9th November 1952.[2] The hosts took the lead after 12 minutes courtesy of a Helmut Sadlowski goal, but Alfons Heitmann levelled proceedings 36 minutes into the encounter.[2] Neither side broke the deadlock despite extra time being played, forcing a replay to be held on Boxing Day at St. Pauli's ground the Millerntor-Stadion.[2][1]

Meanwhile, the Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk (NWDR) had been conducting test broadcasts in West Germany since 1948.[3] On 24th August 1952, the NWDR had broken new ground when it televised an Oberliga Nord game between Hamburger SV and Altona 93.[4][5] On Christmas Day that same year, it had officially re-launched public television in Germany following the Second World War, and was now seeking to publicly broadcast a football match for the first time since the War occurred.[6][4] The St. Pauli-Hamborn encounter was selected, most likely for geographical purposes as both the NWDR and St. Pauli's original ground were based in Hamburg.[7][4][3] It is unknown who provided commentary for the match.[4]

The encounter itself occurred on Boxing Day in front of about 6,000 in-attendance.[8][4] Sadlowski took the lead for the visitors after seven minutes, but Alfred Boller equalised a minute later.[8] Sadlowski put Hamborn ahead again after 35 minutes, with Pluskwik doubling the club's lead 69 minutes in.[8] St. Pauli fought back during the late stages, with a second goal from Boller and an 84th minute strike by Alfred Beck levelling proceedings.[8] However, Sadlowski again came to Hamborn's rescue, scoring in the 88th minute to achieve a hat-trick.[8] 07 held on to claim victory, progressing to the quarter-finals.[8][1] Ultimately, the club would be knocked out at this stage on 1st March 1953, after losing 3-1 to eventual runners-up Alemannia Aachen.[1] Following the broadcast, Oberliga and regional matches would be regularly aired in 1953, with about 24 known to have been broadcast by March 1954.[6][5]


Ultimately, the match was televised privately in an era where recordings were rare until videotape was perfected in the late-1950s.[9] Because of this, as well as considering the low viewership considering the expense of television sets in the country back then,[5] the broadcast has not resurfaced, and no footage the encounter itself is known to have survived.[4]

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