Nick Jr. (partially found revamped Face promos of Nickelodeon channel block; 2003-2004)

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Nick Jr Face 2003.png

Face in 2003/2004.

Status: Partially Found

On January 4th, 1988, the Nick Jr. programming block was put on the air for the first time. However, it wasn't until six years later on September 5th, 1994 that Nickelodeon rebranded the block. With that rebrand, came along a mascot known as Face. Face, voiced by Chris Phillips at the time, was a bumper would appear in between shows to say what was up next as well as tell a joke or sing a song and essentially acted as the block's main mascot.

In 2003, Face was given a redesign which gave him eyebrows, bigger eyes, a different mouth, and a new slightly deeper voice (Played by Jody Nazzaro and Jun Mizumachi). The redesign was panned by many viewers. This ended up leading Nickelodeon to get rid of him entirely in 2004 and replace him with Piper the Possum. These promos are mostly lost except for some that have been uploaded to YouTube.

Found Promos

Nick Jr. 2004 intro.

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