TNA Xplosion (partially found professional wrestling series; 2002-2016)

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Title screen used around 2003-2004

Status: Partially Found

TNA Xplosion is a weekly professional wrestling television program. Produced by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), it began in 2002 as a secondary program to compliment the promotion's weekly pay-per-view events. In 2021, it was discontinued in favor of a new show called Before the Impact, however in 2024 it returned.


In June 2002, NWA-TNA had launched and had a successful run of weekly pay-per-view events. In October 2002, the promotion decided to launch a television programme to compliment their weekly PPV events, called TNA Xplosion, which broadcast on the Florida-based TV network, Sun Sports. In 2006, TNA Xplosion stopped broadcasting on Sun Sports, meaning that episodes from this point would only be for TNA's international broadcast partners. Meaning a lot of (full) episodes never appeared on domestic screens. However, some matches and segments were released as part of the 'TNA Today' Internet YouTube series.[1]


In May 2019, the promotion launched Impact Plus, which was later renamed to TNA+ in January 2024. TNA+ has all TNA Xplosion episodes from January 2017 onwards, but is missing everything prior to January 2017. YouTube users have uploaded some full episodes from 2002-2004, however the quality is not great as they appear to be VHS rips.[2] Various uploads and clips from 2010 onwards can be found on YouTube, however they are very sporadic. Footage from 2005-2009 of TNA Xplosion appears to be very rare due to not broadcasting in the United States, and especially as TNA has purged pre-2009 videos (including TNA Today) from their YouTube channel.

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