Sex University (lost WWE webshow; 2006)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its sexually explicit content.


Sean Morley, professional wrestler who played Val Venis on WWE TV and in the lost webshow.

Status: Lost

In 2007, wrestling company WWE launched WWE Broadband on their website, a way to stream videos through WWE's website that hosted exclusive content, such as the web series Sex University (also known as Val Venis Sex University or Sex-U).[1] It was popular, with WWE stating in 2007 that it was the most viewed series on the Broadband service, with it being viewed 800,000 times. [2]


Professional wrestler Sean Morley played Val Venis, a sexually obsessed pornographic film actor character who had a medium-sized role in the company from 1999-2003. By 2006, however, his character had fallen by the wayside, appearing on what many would consider unimportant programming such as WWE Heat. He was given an internet show on WWE's new WWE Broadband service, possibly to remedy this situation.


Information on the content of the web show is limited. The only article describing its press release mentions that it has WWE wrestlers give 'romantic tips' to the audience. The first episode starred professional wrestler Viscera[3], with Val Venis said to be the host of the show, although presumably other wrestlers appeared in other episodes. It is unknown how many episodes were made in total, but there are four know episodes of the show. "First Day of Class," or "Intro", which is described by as "Val Venis is ready to share his wealth of sexperience." It was most likely a prelude to the series. The second episode stars viscera. There was a third and a fourth episode starring Maria, about "Body Language" and "Pick up Lines", respectively. [4] There may also an episode starring Val himself, though the evidence seems to be that in the original article that seemed to inspire this search (that was just copying WWE’s press release) there’s a sentence that says “ For the romantically challenged, Val Venis Sex-U will offer up love tips from Superstars like Maria, Viscera and Val himself.” This seems to be where the misunderstanding happened, the article just states who will be in the episodes, not who the episodes will focus on, it’s possible that Val gave advice in his host role. Furthermore there is no known link pointing to a Val episode, and the show seemed to have been taken down with only 4 episodes, the last seemed to be Maria II. The show also could have been an ensemble cast of Viscera, Val, and Maria, as indicated by a forum post, written by a user named "coolcool." He states about the Viscera episode, "He makes a mention to The rest of the segment is gold. Give this man mic time and the Intercontinental Title, I say." We can assume that this is referring to Venis, as he is the only known participant to hold the IC title. This assumption is proven by the user DanTheArtist " He ain't never gonna be IC Champion again. Good that Val is saying something about IMDb, but still, he's barely been used in the ring." This proves that Val was in the Viscera episdoe. Maria and Viscera are also present in the episode, proven by forum moderator stevenuk, saying "Big Vis knows his things! Maria has a nice tip aswell." Therefore the Viscera episode had all 3 known actors in it, which suggested the same is true for the other episodes.[5]


There is very little available information on the episodes and no screenshots or any short clips have been found as of yet. The only existing link to it is the Wayback Machine archive which cannot play the video. While it is likely WWE has access to the web series, they are extremely unlikely to release it.


The reason for removal or when exactly it was removed has never been confirmed. The last date in the archived webpage for the viscera goes up to March 2008[6], likely the time when it was removed. This contradicts a 2007 forum post by rockchisler which alleges that all videos from Sex U were sometime in the year 2007, except for the Maria video.[7] However, this forum also contradicts the fact that the other Maria video was up until December 29, 2008. While it may seem as the original poster is lying, there is evidence to support this person. On the page for WWE's broadband service, WWE has it listed in its broadband page until March of 2007, where it was last archived as a cohesive show. The last episode appears to be Maria II. WWE may have left the video links up with no way to get to them. [8]

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