WWE SmackDown vs Raw Online (lost build of cancelled online professional wrestling PC game; 2010-2011)

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Logo for the game.

Status: Lost

WWE SmackDown vs Raw Online (also known as WWE Online) was a cancelled PC free-to-play professional wrestling game. Developed by Vertigo Games, it was planned to be published by THQ for Windows. Had it been released, it would have been the first online PC game to be released under the WWE brand.


The game was first announced in September 2008, as part of THQ's strategy to primarily target the Korean PC gaming market, with wider Asian market penetration planned. It partnered with Korean organisation Vertigo Games to develop the game, with the game known as WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW Online.[1] According to a THQ press release, the game was intended to have complemented the growing online game market.[2]

Many features from other WWE SmackDown vs Raw games would be included, with single and multiplayer online modes present. Additionally, a hub would enable players to interact with others online, including to challenge them to matches, or trade items. It also would utilise microtransactions, enabling players to buy items, abilities and clothing to complement existing wrestlers, or to improve their own creations. Further, a 3D paint tool would be incorporated to allow for importing of images into the game.

By May 2009, the game was renamed WWE Online, with development centring in Asia.[3] However, by the time the game was presented at E3 2010, it had reverted to its original name of WWE SmackDown vs Raw Online.[4] Ultimately, a release in late-2010 was planned primarily for the Korean market.[5] However, this was then pushed back to early 2011, again exclusively in South Korea.[6]


On February 2nd, 2011, THQ announced its fiscal 2011 third-quarter results. As part of the accounting charges, it was announced that the game, again renamed to WWE Online, was to be cancelled alongside Company of Heroes Online. This was the result of THQ re-evaluating its strategy of releasing primarily western content to Asian markets as part of its free-to-play online game push. As a result of the cancellations, THQ lost $9.9 million.[7]


Because WWE SmackDown vs Raw Online was cancelled, no build was released to customers and is still not publicly accessible as of the present day. A few trailers, including at E3 2010, help showcase what the game might have been upon release.


Official trailer.

WrestleGamia video on WWE SmackDown vs Raw Online.

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