WWE 24x7 (lost professional wrestling compilation show; 2007)

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Logo for WWE Sunday Dhamaal, a current WWE program in India.

Status: Lost

WWE 24x7 is a professional wrestling compilation show. Produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), it was broadcast on Jetix India from May 2007 in an attempt to access India's children's television market.


In 2007, WWE was looking to expand into the Indian television market. Among strategies including pushing Indian professional wrestler The Great Khali,[1] including booking him to win the World Heavyweight Championship that same year on 17th July 2007.[2] In May that year, it was announced that a WWE show would be broadcast on Jetix India called WWE 24x7. Deemed a first in Indian children's television, the show provided a compilation of matches from the 1980s to recaps of current matches, including featuring the likes of Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and John Cena. Starting from 7th May, the show would be broadcast every weekday at 5:30pm.[3]

WWE 24x7 was included as part of Jetix's "Action Vacation", which lasted throughout the Summer. In addition to the show, a contest was held from 21st May whereby children could win tickets to see that year's Summerslam event by identifying a popular wrestler from a silhouette shown in the episodes. Further merchandise autographed by the wrestlers could also be won on a weekly basis.[4] Following the show, further expansion would be made into the Indian television market throughout the 2010s. This included an expanded partnership with Ten Sports,[5] which included not only re-runs of WWE programming, but also a localised RAW show called Raw Sunday Dhamaal, which was eventually replaced with WWE Sunday Dhamaal.[6]


Likely because of its obscurity and its possible short run, no footage or screenshots of WWE 24x7 are currently publicly accessible. A few press releases helped to confirm the show's existence.

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