TNA Impact! 2 (lost build of unfinished professional wrestling game; 2009)

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Cover art for TNA Impact!

Status: Lost

TNA Impact! is a professional wrestling game developed and published by Midway Games in September 2008. Based on Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), the game proved successful, selling 1.5 million units. Later in 2008, Midway Games announced a sequel to the game with an intended release in 2009, but the game was cancelled following Midway Games' bankruptcy.


TNA's relationship with Midway Games began on 7th November, 2005, when the two companies forged a multi-year deal to produce professional wrestling games.[1] With the assistance of various TNA wrestlers during brainstorming and motion capturing sessions,[2] Midway Games' first TNA game, TNA Impact!, would be released in September 2008.[3] Selling around 1.5 million units across the PlayStation 2 and 3, Wii and Xbox,[4] the game received generally mixed reception by critics.[5]

In December 2008, a Midway representative confirmed to GameSpot that the company was beginning work on a sequel, although no features nor platforms the game was intended to be released on were discussed. Nevertheless, it was confirmed that Midway intended to release it sometime in 2009.[6] In an interview with ESPN, wrestler Samoa Joe discussed development of TNA Impact! 2, having previously been influential in the original game's development. He claimed that motion-capturing and brainstorming sessions had been conducted, as well as a mock-up of the game to showcase its progress. He stated many features wrestling fans wanted for the game had been included, enhancing gameplay beyond the original which ultimately ended up losing three months of development because of Midway's financial situation.[7]


Despite TNA Impact!'s success, Midway was in poor financial shape in 2008, which likely forced the company to hasten the game's development for an early release.[8] Ultimately, even though TNA Impact! sold well, it was not enough for Midway to financially sustain itself, as in February 2009, it filed for bankruptcy protection as it could not pay back accelerated debt obligations. These obligations arose from Sumner Redstone selling a majority stake in the company in December 2008.[9] According to the bankruptcy filing, Midway had accumulated debts of $281 million by 30th September, 2008.[10]

On 21st May, 2009, Warner Bros. placed a $33 million bid to purchase the assets of Midway Games. Ultimately, this did not include the rights to produce and publish TNA games, leaving TNA Impact! 2's future uncertain.[11] While SouthPeak Games announced it acquired the licence on 11th November, 2009,[12] the only title it would release was TNA Impact!: Cross the Line for the Nintendo DS and PSP in June 2010, which was essentially a port of TNA Impact!.[13] Thus, TNA Impact! 2 was quietly cancelled.


Based on Samoa Joe's comments, a build of TNA Impact! 2 was likely made prior to cancellation. However, no build of the game has ever resurfaced. Additionally, none of the motion capture work has ever been publicly released.

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