Girls Gone Wild: Live from Spring Break (found WWE/Girls Gone Wild crossover special; 2003)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its pornographic subject matter.


An image from the "body contest", the only existing footage of the event on the Internet.

Status: Found

Date found: 09 Jun 2017

Found by: Powerhouse & SimplyLostMedia

Girls Gone Wild: Live from Spring Break was a special WWE/Girls Gone Wild crossover pay-per-view event which aired once on March 13th, 2003.

The special had a troubled production from the beginning, as the initial plan to film it in Panama City Beach, Florida was halted due to police threatening to arrest girls who showed too much skin in the filming of the special.[1] As such, the special was instead broadcast live from South Padre Island, Texas. As a special promotion, diva Dawn Marie "went wild" on that night's episode of Smackdown, flashing her breasts (obscured on television) to the crowd.

The special received very poor reception from both Girls Gone Wild and WWE fans; fans of the former complained that despite carrying a "TV-MA" rating, the event seemed very censored, as host Jonathan Coachman would often interrupt any scenario or game that got too sexual. The special did contain some partial nudity, however, fans of WWE complained none of the Divas showed their breasts as advertised.

The full special has never been released on home video by Girls Gone Wild or WWE, nor is it available on the WWE Network, perhaps due to rights complications.

However, recaps of the special are available online, as well as HD footage of Dawn Marie's Smackdown flashing and lower-quality footage of the body contest between Torrie and Nidia in the actual special.


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