WWE Crush Hour (lost build of cancelled Xbox port of vehicular combat game; 2002)

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Cover art of WWE Crush Hour.

Status: Lost

WWE Crush Hour is a vehicular combat game developed by Pacific Coast Power & Light. Published by THQ in March 2003 for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube, its premise was widely compared to Twisted Metal, and it harnessed the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) licence. Additionally, an Xbox port was announced as having been in development, but was ultimately cancelled.


WWE Crush Hour was announced by THQ prior to its E3 2002 presentation on 16th May 2002.[1][2] The game's premise featured WWE wrestlers battling each other in vehicles across 12 levels,[1] with the plot stating that WWE owner Vince McMahon successfully owns all television networks, and in a bid to increase ratings, announced a vehicular combat show called "Crush Hour" where his wrestlers would do battle not in a wrestling ring, but in vehicles across various arenas.[3] THQ claimed the game would be released in the first quarter of 2003, for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox.[1][4] When it was released in March 2003,[5] it was noted for being a budget title.[6][7] Despite some critics claiming it was inferior compared to rival Twisted Metal: Black,[3][6][7] the lower price did bring some praise from critics,[6][7] allowing it to earn generally mixed reception according to Metacritic.[8][9]

Aside from the E3 2002 announcement,[1] little is known about the Xbox port's development. By February 2003, it was reported by GameSpot that a newer build of WWE Crush Hour was showcased at a THQ press event, where it was announced that the game was to be released only for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube in March.[10] It is unknown when or why the Xbox port was ultimately cancelled.[3]


No builds, screenshots or footage of the Xbox port have publicly resurfaced. The lack of information about the port led to some questioning the legitimacy of an Xbox port ever being announced.[11] Nevertheless, the THQ announcement fully confirms that an Xbox port of WWE Crush Hour was in development,[1][2] leading to the possibility of a build or other work still existing as of the present day.

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