The Game (partially found Disturbed cover of professional wrestling theme song; mid 2000s)

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David Draiman, the lead vocalist of Disturbed and the unreleased track.

Status: Partially Found

Professional wrestler Triple H's (real name Paul Levesque) theme song "The Game" is a song made for him and was written and performed by the English rock band Motörhead. Several alternate versions exist, including a completely unreleased cover by American heavy metal band Disturbed.

In an interview from 2006, Disturbed's lead vocalist David Draiman confirmed the existence of the song and that it was recorded a short time before the interview. The only currently known audio of this interview is from a video released in 2008. After this interview, however, official channels did not speak of the existence of the track and nor has it been released to the public.

In 2019, Twitter user calibratedking posted a small part of the song.[1] How they got this is not currently known.


Video with the audio that confirms the existence of the song.

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