Low Ki & Mercury vs Ric Blade & TCK (partially lost footage of hardcore wrestling tag team match; 2000)

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Low Ki being carried out by security.

Status: Partially Lost

On 18th March 2000, during Combat Zone Wrestling's CZW X-Spelled event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Low Ki & Mercury faced Ric Blade & TCK in a tag team match. During the encounter, Blade botched a leg drop from a basketball hoop onto a table, resulting in him being knocked out after hitting the back of his head onto the floor. The match would then be thrown out after Low Ki legitimately threw a tantrum following the Blade incident, resulting in him being carried out of the ring by security.


Heading into the match, CZW was in intense competition with Jersey All Pro Wrestling (JAPW).[1] Despite the organisations' rivalry, CZW accepted that some of JAPW's wrestlers, including Low Ki, The Hit Squad, and the Haas Brothers, were hot property for the New Jersey independent wrestling scene.[1] Meanwhile, CZW had Ric Blade, who was then the CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion,[2] and was also considered one of the bigger stars for New Jersey independent wrestling.[1] Thus, the organisation and New Millennium Wrestling (NMW) began to book matches between Ki and Blade, as it was deemed a dream match within the state.[1] Their first encounter occurred at CZW Bloodbath 2000, where Blade successfully defended his Junior Heavyweight belt against Ki.[3] The second match occurred in February 2000 for NMW,[1] but this was not documented by Cagematch.[4]

Blade would additionally face Mercury throughout early 2000, with Blade retaining the belt in all three bouts.[4] A third encounter with Ki would commence on 18th March 2000 at CZW's X-Spelled event, where Ki would team with Mercury to face Blade and TCK.[5]

Ric Blade Accident and Low Ki Tantrum

During this hardcore tag team match, Blade was standing on top of a basketball hoop, with Mercury lying prone on a table.[6] Blade incorrectly performed a leg drop from the hoop, resulting in him crashing through the table, but also hitting the back of his head onto the floor, instantly knocking him out.[1][6] Not long afterwards, TCK executed a superplex on Ki to a table in the ring, which only resulted in a 2-count.[6] As CZW personnel tended to Blade,[6] Ki started becoming irate. According to a quote from nfm on Botchamania, it had less to do with Blade's health, but more so for consequently being unable to perform all the spots that he planned.[1] He started to flip out in front of the audience, with him assuming that he was being screwed by CZW as he was associated with JAPW.[1]

Nobody was seemingly able to calm Ki down. Eventually, a member of security grabbed Ki and carried the furious wrestler out of the ring and off backstage. The tag team Hit Squad tried to prevent security from doing this, resulting in a shoving match.[1] Following the incidents, the match was declared a victory for Blade and TCK at 9:33 according to Cagematch.[5] Blade would make his return to wrestling on 1st April 2000, teaming with Nick Gage in a losing effort against Justice Pain and Wifebeater at CZW Controversy 101.[4]


The match itself is included in the official DVD release of X-Spelled.[7] However, for unknown reasons, the Low Ki tantrum was edited out from the video.[1] The only evidence of the incident aside from eyewitness accounts is a photo of Ki being carried out by security. The full tape likely remains with CZW, with some, including Maffew from Botchamania, requesting its release.[6]

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