Um Crime Sensacional (lost Brazilian drama film; 1913)

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Only known image from the film.

Status: Lost

Um Crime Sensacional (A Sensational Crime in English), also known as O Crime de Paula Matos and O Hediondo Crime de Paula Matos, is a 1913 Brazilian film directed by Paulino Botelho. The film was released at Cinema São Pedro in Rio de Janeiro, and shown at Cinema Variedades, in São Paulo, on August 29, 1913.[1]

Following the trend of all world production, this was another film based on a true crime chronicle, based on the murder of industrialist Adolfo Freire by gardener Augusto Henriques, which took place in Rio de Janeiro[2]

Main Cast

  • Antonio Ramos as Augusto Henriques
  • Mario Aroso as Adolfo Freire


No copy of Um Crime Sensacional survives, only 1 image from the film is known, which was placed in the magazine "Cinemin".

It is not known whether the film was a "sound" film, that is, with actors dubbing themselves live behind the screen based on already recorded images. The only proof that the film could be a sound film is a 1913 song called "O Crime de Paula Matos" by Joaquim Pacheco, which may have been used in the sound versions of the film. This song is currently lost[3].

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