Mouseterpiece Theater (partially found Disney Channel cartoon compilation series; 1983-1990)

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Mouseterpiece theater title.jpg

The title card for Mouseterpiece Theater.

Status: Partially Found

Mouseterpiece Theater was an American animation compilation series that was broadcast on The Disney Channel. Consisting of classic theatrical Disney short Cartoons, with a segment in-between shorts hosted by George Plimpton, usually giving commentary and background information before and after each cartoon. The cartoons featured are reportedly censored. [1]

Mouseterpiece Theater was aired on The Disney Channel from April 18th, 1983 (the day the channel first launched) to sometime in 1990 and ran during the evening. [2]


Each episode was 30 minutes long, with 60 episodes being produced during its initial run. The episodes do not seem to have titles, even in the officially licensed Disney Channel magazine[3]. Each episode is only listed by the short cartoons in the episode.

Only two episodes are readily available, and there are no known home media releases.

Month Episode Shorts Availability
April '83 N/A "Steamboat Willie"
"Three Little Pigs"
"How To Play Baseball"
March '84 N/A "The Village Smithy"
"Pluto and the Armadillo"
"Flying Jalopy"
"Pluto's Purchase"
"Morris the Midget Moose"
"Lion Down"
April '84 N/A "Good Scouts"
"Goofy and Wilbur"
"The Martins and the Coys"
"The Fox Hunt"
Oct '84 N/A "Mickey's Amateurs"
"Mickey's Rival"
"The Plastics Inventor"
"Goofy Gymnastics"
"The Woodland Cafe"
Nov '84 N/A "Donald and the Wheel"
"Mickey's Birthday Party"
Dec '84 N/A "Duck Pimples" Lost
Feb '85 N/A "How To Swim"
"Trombone Troubles"
"The Little House"
July '85 N/A "Modern Inventions"
"Two Chips and a Miss"
Sep '85 N/A "George Plimpton [Placeholder]"
"Spare The Rod"
Partially Found
Oct '85 N/A "African Diary"
"Truant Officer Donald"
"Symphony Hour"
Nov '85 N/A "Morris the Midget Moose"
"The Flying Jalopy"
Dec '85 N/A "No Hunting"
"Peublo Pluto"
"Dude Duck"
Unknown N/A TBA Found




Opening footage of Mouseterpiece Theater.

singular segment which aired in the 1990s between longer programming, featuring the cartoon Pluto At the Zoo.

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