1952 FA Charity Shield (lost footage of football match; 1952)

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Programme for the match.

Status: Lost

The 1952 FA Charity Shield occurred on 24th September 1952. The 30th Charity Shield, it saw Football League First Division champions Manchester United defeat FA Cup holders Newcastle United 4-2 in front of 11,381 at Old Trafford to claim its third Shield.


Now known as the FA Community Shield, the Charity Shield was an annual super cup football match pitting the First Division champions against the FA Cup winners.[1] As the name suggests, the match aimed to redistribute revenue accumulated from the game to various charitable causes.[1] Manchester United, under the management of Matt Busby, won the 1951/52 First Division title with 57 points, four ahead of Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal.[2][3] It also marked the Red Devils' first First Division title since the 1910/11 season.[2] Meanwhile, Newcastle United defeated Arsenal 1-0 in the 1952 FA Cup Final, to claim its second consecutive Cup.[4] Heading into their encounter, United were seeking their third Shield, while Newcastle were aiming for their second.[5][6]

The encounter appears to have been the first televised Shield match, at least based on Radio Times archives.[7][8][9] The BBC broadcast the final 50 minutes of the encounter live, with Kenneth Wolstenholme providing commentary.[8][9] The match itself commenced on 24th September with 11,3781 in-attendance at United's Old Trafford.[10][11] Newcastle took the lead after 35 minutes thanks to Vic Keeble.[10][11] However, in the second-half, two goals from Jack Rowley in the 48th and 53rd minute-marks put United in front, with Roger Bryne adding a third ten minutes later.[10][11] Keeble pulled one back in the 69th minute, but John Downie sealed United's third Shield victory after 75 minutes.[10][11] Since then, the Red Devils have won a record 21 Shields, 17 being won outright, while the others were shared.[5] Newcastle competed in the 1955 and 1966 Charity Shields, but were unsuccessful in both occasions.[6]


Ultimately, the 1952 Charity Shield was televised live in an era where telerecordings were seldom prior to the perfection of video tape in the late-1950s.[12][13] It is possible footage was recorded, considering the England-Italy game on 30th November 1949 was the first subject to a partial telerecording.[12] However, said footage has not publicly resurfaced, and no newsreels of the game are known to exist.



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