Jelly Jamm (partially found pitch pilot of British Spanish children's animated TV series; 2009)

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Jelly jamm early logo.jpeg

An early logo for the series.

Status: Partially Found

Jelly Jamm is a children's animated TV series created by Carlos L. Del Rey, Victor M. Lopez, and David Cantolla (who also worked on Pocoyo) that ran on Channel 5's Milkshake! block from 2011-2013. The series consists of seven characters Bello, Goomo, Rita, Mina, Ongo, King, and Queen all taking place in a neighborhood on the planet Jammbo. The characters jam to the music produced inside bubbles from the planet's music factory, only to turn sad and grey if it stopped producing music.

Pitch Pilot

In March of 2008 a pilot was made to pitch the series to Channel 5. The characters had noticeably different designs compared to the final show. Some footage of the pilot along with some character concept art was discovered on the pilot's creator Rafael Carmona's website.[1] While more clips of the pilot were uploaded to YouTube.

In March 2022 YouTuber Fractius uploaded the series "bible" that contained more information on the pilot, any more additional information on it is currently unknown as of July 2022.


  • In 2008 a web page was made for Jelly Jamm that had the pilot designs. Sadly if you want to access the page in the Wayback Machine, will appear an error called AC_RunActiveContent.js and you will not be able to see the page, as of 2023 there's no solution to this.
  • In the video of Fractius "El caso del piloto perdido de Jelly Jamm Lost Media", he said that the pilot is actually a teaser, confirmed by one of the productors of the show, the same productor that gave the pitch bible to him.


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Clips of the pilot.

More clips of the pilot.

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Pitch Bible.

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