Al Raed 3-0 Hajer (partially found footage of Saudi League Division 1 football match; 2005)

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Abdul Rahman Al-Shuaibi (right) running backwards during a suspected seizure.

Status: Partially Found

On 20th October 2005, Al Raed hosted Hajer for a Saudi League Division 1 football match, with the home side achieving a 3-0 victory. However, the match has become infamous for an incident involving a player, Abdul Rahman Al-Shuaibi, suffering from a suspected seizure after receiving a kick to the head while challenging for the ball.


The match occurred during week 5 of the 2005/06 Saudi League Division 1 season.[1][2] Heading into the encounter, Hajer had won just one of its four games, while Al Raed had yet to win a match having lost three of them.[3][4] The game took place on 20th October, the home side taking the lead after eight minutes courtesy of Fares Al-Amri.[1] Nawwaf Al-Dajani doubled Al Raed's lead after 33 minutes, and Sultan Al-Saeed sealed the team's first win of the season during the 89th minute.[1] Despite picking up the win, Al Raed would ultimately finish bottom of the 14-team league, being relegated after accumulating only 20 points.[2] By contrast, Hajer ranked in eighth place with 35 points.[2]

Abdul Rahman Al-Shuaibi Incident

The encounter would have remained obscure within the footballing world, were it not for an incident attached to it.[5][6][7] At some point during play, a Hajer player attempted to retrieve the ball that was heading towards him. Analysis of the available footage indicates he was trying to head the ball away when an Al Raed player challenged him for it. The Al Raed player charged in and lifted his leg into the air, presumably to nab the free ball. However, this resulted in his leg colliding with the Hajer player's head, causing the latter to fall to the ground. Suddenly he leapt up, before landing backwards and rolling back onto his feet again. With his head arched backwards, the player began to run in reverse, only to fall again, roll onto his knees, and finally collapse onto the ground.[7]

The referee and other players were initially bewildered before they all realised the gravity of the situation and called for urgent medical assistance.[7] Three medical personnel can be seen running toward the stricken player before the footage cuts out. The incident was recorded and ended up being regularly shared across online platforms, including YouTube.[5][6][7] It led to an urban legend which claimed that the player in question had died following the incident, and had been taken by the "Angel of Death".[5][6][7] However, despite the video's shocking nature, other sources stated the player survived the incident and was selected to play for Hajer's following game, which would have been the team's 2-0 loss to Damac on 8th November.[8][5][6] Some also claimed the player suffered convulsions triggered by Epilepsia Cursiva, a rare type of seizure which under certain circumstances can cause running fits.[9][7]

The extent of questionable sources has led to details on the incident, including the player's identity, being subject to misinformation. For instance, a commonly circulated image attributed to the player is actually of Abdulrahman Al Khaibary, who played for Al-Sahabab and Al-Qadisiya during the mid-to-late-2010s.[10] Some sources also identify the player as Abdulrahman Al-Shoaibi or Abdulrahman Al-Shaebi, when in reality, his name is Abdul Rahman Al-Shuaibi.[11][12][13] Born in December 1980, Al-Shuaibi played for Hajer as early as 29th October 2003, when he scored his first two goals in a match against Abha.[14][11] In October 2004, Al Yaum reported on Hajer reaching the semi-finals of the 2004 Saudi Prince Faisal Cup.[12] Al-Shuaibi, described as the club's main striker, expressed joy over qualifying, and stated he and the rest of the team were aiming to win the title for the first time.[12] He would be influential in the team winning the Cup, including scoring the winning goal in Hajer's 1-0 victory over Al Raed in the Final.[15][14] He was nearly unable to participate in the 2005/06 season, after being suspended alongside a few other Hajer players.[16]

Despite rumours claiming Al-Shuaibi died or suffered career-ending injuries following the 20th October 2005, this was clearly not the case.[5][6][7] On 24th November 2005, he scored a goal for Hajer during a 2005 Saudi Crown Prince Cup qualification match, losing the game 3-2 to Al-Rawdhah.[14] Despite a conflict with Hajer administration in November 2006, Al-Shuaibi played for the team until joining Al-Jeel in September 2011.[17][13] According to Hasa News, Al-Shuaibi was one of Hajer's biggest names, with his signing helping to bolster Al-Jeel.[13]


Footage of the incident was recorded and shared across numerous platforms. Among these included the official forum for Al Raed, based on the fact some of the videos contain a watermark for the website.[18] It is unclear whether the video originated from said forum, as the forum posts themselves were not archived. Nevertheless, it is clear judging from the video that a cameraman was recording match footage prior to capturing the incident unfolding. However, said footage was removed during the course of uploading the "Angel of Death" videos. As a result, much of the match coverage is now lost media.



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