Club América 0-4 Italy (lost footage of international football match; 1970)

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Italy prior to the 1970 Women's World Cup Final.

Status: Lost

On 27th October 1970, Club América hosted Italy for a friendly international football match in Mexico City. Occurring as part of the Italian women's national football team's tour of Mexico, Italy dominated proceedings to win 4-0. It is known that Channel 8 provided coverage of the game.


Heading into the match, Italy had already played two matches against Mexico as part of a tour of the country.[1][2] The motivation for the October 1970 tour was to evaluate the potential of Mexico hosting the 1971 Women's World Cup, as well as assess the country's altitude and temperature and whether these would overly impact the players.[2][1] Following the conclusion of both games, with Mexico known to have won the first 2-0, Italy would play Mexico City side Club América.[1] Notably, Alicia Vargas, nicknamed "La Pelé" due to her strong performances for her club and nation, would compete for the team after initially being banned from competing in the Itay-Mexico games.[3][1] According to Futbolera, it is unclear why Vargas was disciplined, but it most likely stemmed from complaints surrounding coach versus player payments surrounding the team Guadalajara.[1][3] Regardless, her return was hyped as a selling point by the 23rd October 1970 issue of El Heraldo de México, and it was also announced that the match was to be televised by Channel 8.[4][1][3] Commentary was provided by Lupita Olaiz and Addiel Bolio.[1][4]

The match occurred on 27th October 1970, with Italy dominating the game, eventually winning 4-0.[1] Following this, it became clear that Mexico was to be selected as the host of the 1971 Women's World Cup over Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, and West Germany, especially when considering the growing popularity of women's football in the country.[1][2] The media capitalised on this, with matches being frequently televised by Channel 8 throughout the summer and autumn of 1970, while numerous publications began consistently reporting on the fledging sport.[1] This culminated in 110,000 in-attendance witnessing Mexico facing, and ultimately losing 3-0 to, defending champions Denmark in the 1971 World Cup Final.[5][1][2]


Ultimately, many earlier broadcasts of women's football matches are difficult to obtain, primarily because of the general disinterest surrounding archiving the airings back then. According to research conducted by Futbolera, no footage of the match is known to have been found.[1]

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