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UPDATE 2.62! (Added 18 May 2017)

Lost Media Chronicles episode 43 - Pinwheel and Clock Man
Lost Media Chronicles episode 44 - Virtual Boy Cancelled Games
Binyah Binyah episode 4 (via Google Drive; courtesy of CDCB)
5 seconds from the JBVO Dragon Ball Z episode (courtesy of Captain B. Zarre)
Mr. Roger "Cans" episode (bootleg; courtesy of CDCB)
Mr. Roger "Gentleman" episode (incomplete bootleg; courtesy of CDCB)
The Honeyrods' "Love Bee" music video (courtesy of anonymous/Nott Joey)
Found Chester Cheetah storyboard page (click for more)
Jerry The Sockgazer Sings A Little Song For You!!

What's up guys dycaite here and with a new month comes a new notice board post -- and, personal apologies from myself for the delay, I intended for this post to be up a few days ago but things came up... Anyway, it's here now, so let's get into it!

  • Randy has released two new episodes of the Lost Media Chronicles! This time he tackles two heavily requested topics, Nickelodeon's Pinwheel (including, of course, the lost Clock Man short) and, for the first entry in LMC's video game month, the lost games for Nintendo's short lived Virtual Boy; check them both out above!
  • Two episodes of Binyah Binyah have been discovered via a home recording on eBay! Big thanks to DJ Bob and CDCB for the acquisition of these rarities (ie. episodes 4 and 5); episode 4 has been ripped and released by CDCB and can be seen above via Google Drive (episode 5 should also be online before too long); thanks again guys!
  • 5 seconds of footage from the JBVO Dragon Ball Z episode has been found by YouTuber Captain B. Zarre! 5 seconds may not seem like much, but it's certainly better than nothing (it's also the first footage of the episode to have surfaced since its airing). You can catch the footage above; thanks Captain B. Zarre!
  • More footage from the 1986 animated series Mr. Roger (not to be confused with Fred "Mr. Rogers" Rogers) has come to light! The ~30 seconds of footage (or one and a half episodes) was bootleg recorded and provided by, once again, CDCB and can be seen via two videos above; thanks again CDCB!
  • The music video for The Honeyrods' "Love Bee" has been located! An anonymous LMW user found said video in a home recorded episode of MTV's 120 Minutes, that was found on a Russian website. The clip in question has since been mirrored to YouTube and can be seen above, courtesy of Nott Joey. Thanks guys!
  • A collection of storyboards from the first episode of the unproduced animated series Yo! It's the Chester Cheetah Show (the episode in question titled "Stir Crazy Cat") have shown up online via an eBay auction! Images from the original auction page (which is no longer available) were archived by an anonymous 4chan user on the /co/ board, and said images have been mirrored to imgur, here. Thanks to the anonymous /co/ user for both bringing these images to our attention and for preserving them!
  • And finally, in case you still aren't feeling the love after all of that, our good friend Jerry the Sockgazer has prepared a very special video for you all; enjoy.

That's it for now, this has been Radio Caite on 691.2, tune in next time; peace!


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