My Melody's Magical Adventure (lost English dub of anime; mid-2000s)

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Status: Lost

Onegai My Melody is a fantasy/magical girl anime based off the popular My Melody character by Sanrio that originally aired in Japan from 2005 to 2009.

While the series was never brought over to North America, it is believed that an English dub of the series was aired on at least one international Cartoon Network station (Cartoon Network Philippines) under the title My Melody's Magical Adventure. The exact dates in which this dub ran are unknown, as well as rather or not the entire season was dubbed.

The English cast listed on Anime News Network features several voice actors/actresses who were regulars in Animax-based dubs, making it possible the series also aired dubbed on international Animax stations. This dub may also be the basis for the Italian dub, as Italian television provider Mediaset at one point had listings online for the show under its English title.

An English dubbed clip was available at one point on YouTube; however, it has since been taken down.